Climate change has implications for geopolitics and U.S. national security

Here’s another one of Peter Sinclair’s terrific videos on climate change:




  1. Robert Pace

    I was involved with a peak oil group 5 years ago. One of the videos we presented had James Woolsey in it showing what he was doing to prepare for the time when cheap oil goes away, a threat he considered very real.. he had solar collectors on his home.. when these guys are preparing for a time when cheap oil isn’t the norm, I take notice. That same video had Dick Cheney also commenting on the end of cheap oil as that the impact that peak oil will have on the pricing and national security…

    Peak oil doesn’t mean we’re on empty, it means we have exhausted half of that which is known to be most easily available.. and that’s why riskier moves to access oil in deep ocean waters is more the norm now than not.. because that’s where most of the remaining reserves are now and its not cheap to access it there…so think of peak oil at this time as the end of cheap energy…

    If the people that deny peal oil is real want to continue siding with big oil who is behind all this denial business, go ahead..FOX News and all the pundits that want to keep you uninformed didn’t tell you about the videos I watched with some big names, names that I would conservatives would believe as credible… Big oil is also behind all the climate change denial too as people reducing their consumption impacts their profits… Just remember, large trans-national corporations don’t care about anything other than profits at any expense…

  2. Robert Pace

    What do you expect an oil company to say.. of course they want people to think there’s endless cheap energy.. .go out and buy the biggest gas guzzler you can is there goals… don’nt mind those conspiracy peak oil end of cheap energy nuts…. I choose to believe Dick Cheney and James Woolsey, you don’t…

  3. Robert Pace

    Talking points? You got’em down real good bigdave……If Dick Cheney isn’t conservative enough for a conservative… what’s the world coming to….. PS.. if Iraq didn’t have the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world would we be there… HELL NO! Unless it was discovered they had some other huge reserves of a resource the trans-nationals covet…

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