To pseudo-patriotic xenophobes, “fiesta” is an unacceptable word


The Republicans in Bonner County, Idaho, are about as nutty as they come, as we see HERE.



  1. “Rasor said the words “fiesta” and “celebrate” mean the same thing.”

    Here I thought one was a noun and the other a verb.

  2. joeapple1

    Pat is always scanning the internet looking for anything that allows him to level the charge of racist against his opponents. He can’t help himself.

    I wonder why he is avoiding the lead story that Obama’s public confidence has now hit an all time low.

  3. Joeapple1, are you referring to that poll that added those that have some confidence in the President in with those that have none and recorded all of it as none?

    Not sure that’s the best way to report a poll, but here it is:

  4. joeapple1

    Spin it any way you want it LD if it makes you feel better.

    You know it is bad when libs are attacking the integrity of a poll by the Washington post.l

  5. monkey

    Most of the comments by wing nuts on these threads confirm that you are indeed worthy of that term.

    I have friends on the right with whom I can have reasonable, thoughtful conversations and we usually learn from each other.

    None of that happens here and it’s mostly the wingnuts, still foaming at the mouth that Obama won. And, not realizing that most of what is occurring in our economy is still the fault of 8 years of GWB.

    Flame on, wingnuts, and tell me that things were great during the GWB administration and the Obama should have magically rescued the economy five minutes after taking the oath.

  6. monkey: I, too, have conservative friends and acquaintances like those you describe, and most of them cringe at being lumped with the semi-literate mouth-breathers who presume to speak for patriotic Americans these days.

  7. Tim: In case you’ve forgotten, let me tell you again how this blog works.

    When I publish a post, you’re free to respond or not. When you submit a comment, I’m free to respond or not.

    Frankly, I have neither the time nor the inclination to respond to every question or challenge posed by commenters.

    And if my failure to respond to any particular challenge you pose strikes you as evidence that you’ve checkmated me, feel free to chortle your head off. I couldn’t care less.

  8. Tim: I’ve warned you before to refrain from lying about me, but you’re at it again. In your comment above this one, you say that I “have more than enough time to photoshop racially-tinged signs.”

    I’ve never photoshopped anything.

    One more lie from you and you’re gone. Any argument from you on this matter and you’re gone.

    Go ahead. Make my day.

  9. Tim: For reasons having nothing to do with your comments, I’ve had to disavow that “First Lady” post, as you’ll see here:


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