Is Tea Party Caucus in U.S. House good news for Democrats?


Rep. Michele Bachmann wants to create a Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives, an idea that STRIKES E.J. Dionne as something “that will make Democrats happy.”

An excerpt:

A lot of Republicans would like the Tea Party to rally as many right-of-center voters to the polls as possible but not have to take any responsibility for the movement’s more radical stands or the unseemly rhetoric that issues from some of its supporters…

Bachmann’s move will make it harder for them to avoid the question of whether they are with the Tea party or against it. Those Republicans who do sign up could turn off more moderate voters. Those who don’t might have to worry about future primaries supported by the Tea Party.



  1. bejer50

    The Tea Party will ultimately destroy the Republican Party from within.

    The Tea Party are not conservatives.
    They are rabble.

  2. bandwagon

    Pat –

    The front page of Sunday’s Huffington Post has an article called “Get Off The Bus.” I’m pretty sure the accompanying photograph was taken in Rockford, IL.

    I couldn’t be more proud!

  3. bandwagon: I checked out that photo from HuffPo, and it does look like it was taken in Rockford. Thanks.

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