Wingnut race-baiting in USDA case turns out to be an unmitigated crock


Right-wing propagandist Andrew Breitbart (above), an acolyte of the infamous Matt Drudge, basked for a brief moment this week in the roaring applause of loonies across the land when he came up with a selectively-edited video clip purporting to show that a certain woman who works for the U.S. Department of Agriculture is a black racist.

But now we learn that the would-be victims of the alleged black racism don’t consider themselves victims at all. Rather, they’ve become close friends of the alleged offender.

For various angles on this story, check HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

UPDATE: THIS GUY implies that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is the one who should get sacked over this whole episode. That sounds about right.

UPDATE II: Here’s an interview with the victims who say they weren’t victims:




  1. expdoc

    I didn’t read much about this case when it was in the news and I didn’t read your links, but I believe what you say about the case Pat. It’s too bad people keep using race baiting (on both sides of the spectrum) to play a game of political gotcha. It’s why it is so hard for people to have a logical discussion about the topic in this country.

    I do have one question though, if it was a total frame job, then why did she quit?

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