Even this right-wing pundit says GOP is party of ‘No’ and accuses Repubs of ‘lying” about it


Erick Erickson (above)  is not exactly our favorite conservative commentator (see HERE), but let’s give credit where credit is due.

Erickson is QUOTED HERE telling Republicans to “stop lying” about being the “party of ‘No.'”

Good advice.



  1. Maybe it’s because of poor scholarship or research on the part of Erick Erickson, but on every major issue before Congress, Republicans offered a positive alternative (economic stimulus, cap-n-trade, health care, financial service reform). Plus, Republicans worked cooperatively on issues like credit card reform. So, Erick is not correct.

  2. Robert Pace

    Paula, will you briefly state what the alternatives were for the

    1. Economic stimulus

    2. Cap N Trade

    3. Health Care

    4. Financial Services Reform.

    Because Im as much of a political junky as the rest here and I don’t recall hearing any alternatives posed except that the republicans wanted offsets for the unemployment re-auth.. but I found it odd they didn’t want offsets on things in the past like the Medicare Part D…..

  3. Glad to. All this information can be found on http://www.thomas.loc.gov. This is not an exclusive outline of everything in each of these alternatives but some highlights.

    1) Economic stimulus — Camp substitute amendment (Roll Call #44) on 1/28/09 that provided a larger tax cut (about $3,200 for the typical American family) and more small business incentives. Also, in the Senate, the McCain substitute amendment #364 (Roll Call #45) on 2/5/09 would have doubled the funding for infrastructure improvements by shelving the spending increases in other parts of the bill.

    2) Cap N Trade — Forbes substitute amendment (Roll Call #476) on 6/26/09 that would provide incentives for individuals to invent break-through technologies to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

    3) Health Care — Boehner substitute amendment (Roll Call #885) on 11/7/09 that would created Association Health Plans for small businesses and capped punitive damages in medical liability lawsuits to $250K — the only alternative that CBO estimated would reduce health care costs (by up to 10%).

    4) Financial Services Reform — Bachus substitute amendment (Roll Call #966) on 12/11/09 that would have prevented permanent bailout authority for troubled firms.

    Unfortunately, most of the media doesn’t highlight these alternatives because many stories focus on “who wins/who loses” as opposed to a policy discussion on the alternatives. And, if there is any debate, it is usually the talking heads on cable channels screaming at each other, which does not lend itself to thoughtful discussion.

    With regard to offsets, it’s my understanding that most Republicans do not agree with “pay go” because it is a tool primarily designed to prevent tax reduction However, once Congress and the President reinstituted “pay go” into law earlier this year, it doesn’t seem right, particularly so shortly after its enactment, to obey “pay go” only when it is convenient for them. If Congress institutes “pay go” then it ought to live by its tough guidelines — don’t make the exceptions the “rule.” Pay go didn’t exist in 2003 when Medicare Part D became law (and it didn’t exist either when Medicare was first created in the 1960’s).

  4. SNuss, I posted these alternatives because usually the people who say Republicans are the Party of No mean more than just obstructionism — they also imply that Republicans, and more particularly, conservatives, have no ideas. So, I wanted to counter the myth that Republicans have no ideas or alternatives.

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