Democrats’ strategy for fall campaign is to brand Republicans with Tea Party label


It says HERE that “Democrats are planning to link the tea party and Republicans, overlapping the two groups to paint the GOP as a party of extremists and the grassroots activists as tools of the establishment.”

And it says HERE that Democrats figure the GOP doesn’t have the resources to win back control of the House, especially with more than 100 conservative third party candidates on congressional ballots around the country.

UPDATE: Nate Silver TAKES ISSUE (and how!) with a Democratic memo on which the second of the two links above is based. (Warning: If you’re offended by F-bombs, you might want to take a pass on what Silver has to say.)



  1. shawnnews

    Tea Party in action. Some patriots. I don’t think the Rockford people act this way.

  2. henry herrler

    What a fake she is. Let me see, she is looking for backers from a party that slaughters babies in the womb. Shawn you think this is an honest plea. OMG. If the baby is stillborn, what is the difference from a live fetus? You can’t have it both ways, but the Democrats will twist anything for an agenda.

  3. joeapple1

    I wonder why democrats don’t run on their accomplishments and laws enacted over the last 2 years?

    any ideas?

  4. shawnnews

    The “Tea party patriots” had not business claiming she was a fraud without evidence. Later, some person in the tea party says on Facebook it’s all her own fault for dying because she chose to have a baby with health insurance.
    Some “pro-life” sense that makes.
    No. Not pro-life, not patriotic, not Christian, not American — just low-brow and immoral.
    The Democrats will have a long run in office if they can keep conservatives looking like the tea party. Every time these guys write into the paper, the democrats pick up a new seat in congress.
    Pat is right when he said that Democrats have been picking up votes ever since Limbaugh gained popularity.
    You guys don’t get it at all: There needs to be a reasonable conservative movement but now the whole party is in the hands of the people wanting to win news cycles by making the most outrageous claim.
    If you think the lady is a fake, prove it.

  5. The GOP should run on exactly that agenda. “Contract FROM America” is exactly the correct title.

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