Social Security “problem” easy to fix


The SIMPLE SOLUTION to the so-called crisis in the Social Security system is one that two-thirds of Americans would like to see enacted.

But, of course, Republicans who oppose Social Security on principle or want it privatized, will choose demagoguery over any simple solution.



  1. What you’re advocating is another screw the “rich” scheme to provide for a failing welfare program. Class warfare is just something you lefties excel at since you’re all about love and kindness right? The people that “make too much money,” cannot draw social security, since the left is REALLY into forcing their form of morality down the collective throat of America. It’s a good thing you’re looking out for everyone, because without that their would be chaos everyone, old people would starve, babies would die, and the sky would fall. Awesome stupidity….

  2. Neftali

    I’m not opposed to the Daily Kos idea. But Jed Lewison is 100% wrong that that those “freaking out about SS long term solvency don’t seem to give a damn about climate change or our dependence on foreign sources of energy.”

    I’m quite worried about climate change, I just strong oppose the ridiculous cap and trade legislation.

    And since when are Republicans NOT worried about dependence on foreign sources of energy? What does the the whole “Drill baby, baby drill mantra mean? We want MORE dependence on foreign energy? Lewison’s parents should ground him from using his computer for making such a stupid remark.

  3. Mike Carroll

    Well, yes, I suppose that does seem like an easy fix especially if you are part of the approximately 95% of Americans whose annual compensation does not exceed the Social Security max of $106,800. It is always easy to support someone other than yourself footing the bill.
    As whitelie accurately points out, any additional revenue is spent as quickly as it comes in the door.
    If private business tried the accounting tricks that the Federal government uses routinely there would be a lot of Controllers doing the perp walk.

  4. Ted Biondo

    Sorry Pat, but eliminating the cap will do nothing but make Social Security amother government welfare system with more wealth redistribution. Unless the benefits are also raised in proportion and then you haven’t solved the problem.

    A commenter on the site you referenced “Dave from N.Y.” says it better than I couldas follows:

    “In order for eliminating the cap to make the system financially sound, current benefit levels would have to be maintained, and upper-income workers would no longer receive benefits in proportion to what they have put in to the system — they would receive far less.

    Many policy people, even those on the left, believe that eliminating the cap would break the deal struck back in the 1930’s, that Social Security retirement would be an earned program with benefits related to what workers put into it, and not “welfare.” If the cap were eliminated, that deal would be broken.

    Experts fear that doing this would make the program even more vulnerable to attack than it is now, because of a perceived lack of fairness, and a much greater interest on the part of higher earners in getting rid of it.

    Of course, part of the original deal would remain — only those who have worked a certain amount would benefit. But if there upper-income earners are taxed far more than any benefits they could ever receive, their current allegiance to the system might completely disappear. As might the program itself.”

  5. The right should love eliminating the SS cap. After all, it will make the SS tax a flat tax, the republicans wet dream!

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