Chuck Sweeny blows whistle on local Tea Party leader telling flat-out lies about Democratic congressional candidate


I don’t want you to miss THIS POST on my RRStar.com colleague Chuck Sweeny’s blog, wherein he tells of a forum where Tea Party rabble-rouser David Hale (above) peddled falsehoods about Freeport Mayor George Gaulrapp, a Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican Congressman Don Manzullo.



  1. Scott Wessman

    Well Pat, nice to see you weren’t there but have the stones to repeat Chucky’s BS. Chucky was there and got it wrong.
    I offered to do a web debate with Chucky, you can be his lifeline if he accepts. Topics are the Constitution and the Economy. Wanna play?

  2. Pathetic Cunningham truly pathetic. You repeat lies from others who have lied. Really. Thats a great reporting. Gaulrapp is the one who changed his positions and had stated that he was not for conceal carry because he didn’t know enough about it. He changed his position after he knew it was a loosing proposition to try and gain conservative votes with that position. As for the Green Part thing he corrected me and I apologized for the mistake in front of the entire Tea Party so there was no lie told and my Gaulrapp did call the Tea Party a few choice names which I called him out on. He wasn’t going to get a pass and neither will you. You’ll continue to be exposed for what you are. A bully with a pen.

  3. ilivehere2

    Mr. Hale set the guy up and now is trying to weasel out of it. According to Hales post above he says that Gaulrapp changed his position on conceal carry. Well he wasn’t for it initially because he said he didn’t know enough about it and then switch his opinion after talking with law enforcement people. That seems very reasonable to me. Sounds like Gaulrapp did his homework on the subject and had a change of heart after becoming more informed. Unfortunately, Mr. Hale didn’t give the man the chance to state his case and blind sided him with it. Not courteous to a guest at all. Same with the Green Party thingy. Someone didn’t do their homework and tried to use it against Gaulrapp and it backfired. As for calling the Tea Party a few choice names – well that’s politics. I don’t suppose Mr. Hale has ever said anything publicly about any of the other parties?

    Mr. Hale, if you didn’t want Mr. Gaulrapp to speak, then you shouldn’t have extend the invitation. If you had reservations about his stance on some issues then you let the man have his speak and then you can debate him afterward. That would have been the courteous thing to do.

  4. Like I posted on Mr. Sweeny’s blog entry, whatever happened to common courtesy. Was this the way the poor guy was introduced to the group? Everytime I see “tea partiers” on the tube, they are acting like middle school bullies!

  5. Cunningham is the best you got? Really? Much better reads pretty much everywhere.

  6. henry herrler

    All I have to note is…..been to Freeport lately. It’s the one town uglier than Rockford. Why would the 16th congressional district want to replace Manzullo with yet another Democrat failed city manager.

  7. henry: Freeport does not have a city-manager form of government.

    And don’t diss my hometown.

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