Republican candidate in Florida wants to put illegal immigrants in concentration camps

Marg Baker, a Republican candidate for the Florida state legislature, drew cheers at a local meeting of the 9-12 Project, Glenn Beck’s activist group, when she proposed putting illegal immigrants in camps somewhere “in the middle of the country…and leave them there.”

As we see HERE, Baker has belatedly learned that the internment camps of the 1940s were for detention of Japanese-Americans, but she initially thought they were for “people that snuck into the country.”




  1. How funny. I think it’s great to see the nursing home folks so happy.

  2. so was the word “concentration” used or not?

  3. kid6281

    always good to leave reason as vague as possible.. as if “prostitution” is something invented by illegal immigrants. WOW lady

  4. swampy: As the old saying goes, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, etc.

    The lady didn’t use the word “concentration,” but she talked about locking up people in camps and leaving them there. Same difference (to use my favorite oxymoron).

  5. Think she will praise the border security bill Obama signed today or just ignore it?

  6. dogrescuer

    When I was a kid living in Rochester NY, there was a pleasant park near my home (Cobbs Hill Park) that was surrounded by barbed wire and converted into an internment camp for Japanese Americans. The inmates wore prison uniforms with big bulls-eyes on the backs. Even to a 12-year-old like I was, it seemed wrong somehow. Marg Baker obviously knows very little about the recent history of our country, and is no doubt the exact kind of person who championed those camps in the 1940’s.

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