Editor of Baptist newspaper defends right of Muslims to build Ground Zero mosque


Norman Jameson (above), editor of the North Carolina Baptist Biblical Recorder, articulates a POSITION some people might not expect of such a man.

A few excerpts:

Because the radicalized terrorists who struck at our heart were Muslims, we somehow think that to deny unrelated American Muslims the opportunity to build a worship center close to where the World Trade Center towers once stood is to strike some kind of defiant blow against terrorism.


To be true to our principles as Christians and for other Americans to be true to the Constitution we cannot let the painful memory of a terrorist attack and sympathetic acquiescence to those families whose identity was arrested by the events of that day dictate our responses in the future to situations that — were they unrelated to that day — would be totally unremarkable.



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  2. the dude abides

    Funny how none of the JESUS>MOHAMMED crowd is posting here.

  3. Yup!! only you and a newspaper from a country infiltrated with taliban terrorists!!

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