Fox News poll: Three-fourths of Americans say economy would be just as bad or worse if McCain had been elected


Despite the widespread notion among conservative pundits that the condition of the nation’s economy is cause for Americans to regret having elected Barack Obama president, the latest Fox News poll (HERE) suggests that the public doesn’t necessarily see it that way.

Seventy-four percent of respondents in the survey commissioned by Fox and conducted earlier this week say the economic situation would be no better (54 percent) — or even worse (20 percent) — if John McCain had defeated Obama.

In another interesting result, a plurality of respondents SAID they would prefer Obama to George W. Bush for president if they had a choice. The margin in Obama’s favor was 8 percentage points, which is a little wider than the margin of 7.2 percentage points by which Obama defeated McCain in the popular vote of 2008.

These results should stand as evidence that polls sponsored by Fox — just like polls sponsored by other major media organizations — are free of political bias.

Yet, I can’t count the number of times that Applesauce commenters have contended that polls commissioned by certain networks, magazines or newspapers are not to be trusted. Such nonsense ignores the fact that all the big media outfits hire reputable, independent firms to conduct their polls and don’t want results that are biased.



  1. Ohio Poll: Voters Say They Would Rather Have Bush As President By 50-42 Margin

  2. A majority — 57 percent — think the $800 billion dollar economic stimulus plan hasn’t worked. Just over one in three — 37 percent — think it has helped the economy.

    There has been some discussion whether the stimulus was large enough to give the economy the boost it needed. Still, just 24 percent would favor another stimulus plan. Most — 70 percent — oppose a second stimulus. That includes 52 percent of Democrats, 73 percent of independents and 87 percent of Republicans.

  3. Point being,it depends on what polls you read and what time in history.

    One time there for and then there against.

  4. I am by no means a fan of Obama and was not a fan of McCains either.

  5. Roger: The problem with the Ohio poll (which shows the exact opposite of Fox’s national poll on a Bush-Obama matchup) is a matter of methodology.

    The poll in Ohio was conducted by Public Policy Polling, and it sampled only “likely voters,” which can be a tricky business. Typically, only about 37 percent of eligible voters turn out for midterm elections. That means the PPP poll deliberately excluded registered voters who seemed unlikely to vote in November.

    The Fox News poll, on the other hand, surveyed registered voters in general and made no effort to narrow the sample to those likely to vote in November.

    In other words, the Fox poll more broadly measured the sentiments of the national populace than the PPP poll did of the Ohio populace.

  6. Bottom line? The government needs to be less involved in our liveS and the economy, not more involved.

  7. Expdoc, Well said!!

  8. expdoc and Roger: It seems that you both cling to the persistent myth of the free-enterprise system. There’s really no such thing. Capitalism doesn’t work without the government regulating finance, commerce and manufacturing and protecting consumers and the environment.

    Our economy is not some primitive barter system whereby transactions are purely private matters without any government involvement,

    I don’t know of a single business larger than a lemonade stand or more legitimate than an illicit drug deal that doesn’t depend on the government to regulate the marketplace or otherwise lend assistance of some kind to the entrepeneur or the consumer.

    Sure, conservatives are wont to sing the praises of free markets, but they don’t really mean it.

    I expect that you’ll respond that there’s just too much government involvement in the economy. But that’s not a simple equation either. Look at what deregulation did to the S&L industry in the ’80s and to the overall financial system in the ’00s.

    Our quest should be for the right balance of regulation and unfettered enterprise. And obviously, there are no easy answers in that regard.

  9. Pat I agree with less involvement not no involvement.

    The Government is involved in Lemonade stands in some places!!!

    Health inspectors for Multnomah County in Oregon shut down Julie Murphy???s stand, where she was charging 50 cents a cup for Kool-Aid lemonade, according to the Associated Press .

    The little entrepreneur got the idea for opening a stand when she saw a TV episode where a cartoon character, Olivia the pig, opened one, according to her mom, Maria Fife. While selling her cold drinks at a monthly fair in northeast Portland last Thursday, a health inspector asked for her license and then said she’d have to close up shop or risk being fined $500.

    Lemonade stands require a permit in Oregon, according to OregonLive.com

  10. shawnnews

    Howard Fineman predicted in this article that whoever became president in 2008 would be a one-termer.

  11. shawnnews: Yeah, but that was back when Fineman was still dyeing his hair, which addled his brain. Now that he’s gone gray, he’s probably a wiser man.

    Besides, in the past 78 years, only three incumbent presidents who sought re-election lost at the ballot box — Ford, Carter and Bush I. All the others — FDR, Truman, Ike, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton and Bush II — succeeded, in some cases despite daunting problems facing the nation.

  12. After seeing what has happened in the financial industry, I would say that is one area that needs a lot more regulation and oversight. It is an example of deregulation gone bad.

  13. Is there an industry that has done better with deregulation? And when I say better, I mean are the American people better off, not are the business executives richer.

  14. Good reading. And true. Republicans bankrupt the country and blame the democrats.

    Ten republican lies about Bush tax cuts. Go here:


  15. You know what’s funny is that the 25% McCain supporters fully realize the way things were headed under Bush and are absolutely lying to themselves that this economy in any way, shape, or form is Obama’s fault. Look at yourselves and face it.

    Pat-Check out the link in #14. I think you will appreciate it.

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