Our next speaker of the House?

The Democratic National Committee goes after John Boehner, who will become speaker of the U.S. House if his party prevails in the upcoming congressional elections.



UPDATE: Speaking of Boehner, there’s a FEATURE PIECE about him on the front page of today’s New York Times.

UPDATE II: Uh-oh! Boehner SAID this morning that he’ll vote for President Obama’s tax proposal if that’s the only option available.

Clearly, the guy’s a traitor to the plutocratic cause.

There’s more on Boehner’s shift HERE. And HERE.



  1. So Boehner is pro big business, and yet he is willing to make reasonable concessions on tax rates in order to achieve his agenda of promoting business growth and job creation.

    In other words, the outlook for economic recovery looks very good next year if Boehner is in charge of the House.

  2. Robert Pace

    Neftali? Really? And then when the cons don’t succeed and the people are still angry, it will be the democrats fault… I can hear it now…

    Tax rates aren’t the problem..most businesses can put revenue in various categories to avoid taxes or significantly reduce their exposure and all of it legally.. The IRS has been very creative in creating tax status’s to benefit small business in America… And the large trans-nationals have off shore tax havens that no one talks about..

    The problem is wage levels… we can’t compete in an economy that is global that pays many of the workers about 1/10th or less of what an average worker in America makes… the trans-national corporations aren’t going to bring jobs back to America when they can get the same work done off shore for way less..

    So which one of the cons on this board will be the first to say, cut my wages? Hell, who in any group is going to be the first to say, cut my wages so we can compete globally… Aint gonna happen…

    All I hear on this board is cut taxes cut federal taxes, but I never hear anybody say, lets begin closer to home and organize to do something about that ridiculous 8.5% sales tax… that is 9.5% in some instances…

    The tax payers need to organize and create tax payer unions… yes, I said unions… The word organize is the one word that strikes the most fear in those that want us divided and angry with each other while they pick our pockets, stuff their own and hand the balance to their buds… just like the guys in high school that went around during the week asking the “I want to be popular like you” people for donations for the big party on the weekend, but where the party was, was a secret and in the end, only the right people got invited and were told the actual address…

  3. Robert – We do have a group of people against higher federal, state, and local taxes. This union is commonly referred to as the “Tea Party.” Perhaps you’ve heard of them. That’s why the liberals are so scared of them and they try so hard in vain to sensationalize the crazy ones in a failed attempt to paint the whole movement as a bunch of loony racists rather than confront the actual message.

  4. Robert Pace

    Can you show me the Tea Party’s Mission Statement? Do they have one specific to Illinois? Do they have a plan? I couldnt find anything in their projects section.


  5. Robert – Point taken. The tea party is obviously no where near as structured as a formal union. Plus that guy who runs the Rockford Tea Party is kind of nutty.

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