Two new polls show that Americans still blame Bush much more than Obama for economic woes


Several times in recent weeks (HERE and HERE), I’ve explained that Democrats blame George W. Bush for the nation’s economic problems because Americans in general do, too.

There are two new polls out today (HERE and HERE) showing that the 43rd president is still more readily blamed by the public than the 44th.



  1. OK I blame him too. How is he going to fix it?

  2. Fixing some one else’s problem is never easy. Fixing some one else’s problemS is even more difficult. Especially when a large part of the country has chosen to stick their heads in the sand and pretend they were not part of the problem. Two unfunded wars at a trillion dollars an economy that was all but destroyed by lack of oversight and deregulation. Most of this took the better part of eight years to accomplish and everyone wants it fixed yesterday….simply not going to happen. The economic engine of America was being driven by what amounted to a ponzi scheme by Wall Street and much hubris on the part of many Americans who had and perhaps still do not have even enough sense not to buy, or borrow more than they can afford. Fixing the many wrongs will take everyone and as long as both parties remain as far apart as they currently are we will be the only ones that suffer. Obama won’t fix it and neither will anyone else if we do not demand that our politicians start working together for all of us. And it is not likely that we will make the demand or that they will listen as we are to far down their agendas or we are so single issue driven that we cannot give an inch even when it costs us dearly.

  3. Mike,

    Read Paul Ryan’s Roadmap. It’s not single issue, it covers everything.


  4. It’s hard to fix the situation when republicans brag about the policies that brought us here and promise to bring back those policies when they can.

  5. I can only wonder if we will be able to blame the Democrats ad infinitum for health care reform?


    But I don’t know if that will happen, and I have to wait and see. If Avastin is withdrawn, countless women who might benefit from the drug will be denied. This is outrageous.

    I don’t understand the government’s rationale.

    The FDA says that it is considering withdrawal because Avastin doesn’t show enough promise against breast cancer. I find that very hard to believe. I’m proof that Avastin works.

    The FDA is also concerned that Avastin has bad side effects. This is illogical—all chemotherapy has horrible side effects, too. As does every other medicine I’ve tried: Tamoxifen, Taxol, Taxotere, Navelbine, Etoposide, Arimidex and Faslodex. All cancer treatments are risky, and they all come with side effects.

    But the worst side effect is death, and that’s guaranteed to happen when cancer isn’t treated.

    Some claim that the FDA’s decision is about the money. It’s true that Avastin is expensive, but a medicine’s price tag shouldn’t allow the FDA to determine whether patients live or die.

  6. Robert Pace

    Terry, Do you mean that if the Republicans get back into power theyre going to put into place effective oversight agencies to ensure for instance, bogus derivatives and securitized loan products won’t be sold to unsuspecting buyers and they’ll hold the ratings agencies to a higher standard of performance? Or are they going suck up the campaign dollars even faster and in higher amounts than we saw both parties do over the last 20 years? How are the repubs going to do what’s right when they take big dollars from the corporations just like the dems? Where’s this sudden acquisition of conscience going to come from?

    What make believe world are you and the rest of the cons living in anyway…

    And the Tea Party people who manage to get elected will succumb to the big dollar’d corporations just like the dems and the repubs have…. that’s what money does to people who set out to do good but do very well for themselves instead.. because if they don’t error for the corporations they’ll be booted out real fast… and someone who will do the bidding of the corporations will be found…

  7. nobama4me

    Hence the new nickname, “Oblamer”.

  8. Robert Pace

    #8, I remember after 9/11 how the cons were blaming Clinton… but never once did Clinton blame the 1st Bush administration prior to him for the first Trade Tower bombings in 1993….he treated that event like a crime, found the perpetrators and prosecuted them…

    you guys on the right got no shame…

  9. Robert Pace

    Terry, what happened to the proposed new agency as noted in that NY Times article? Do you have a link to the results of the vote to send it to the floor and who voted for and againsts it? thanks

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