Time for another tour of right-wing blogosphere


I should warn you that some of the stuff on which our guide, Roy Edroso, focuses HERE is sort of vulgar. If you’re a person of decorous and delicate sensibilities, you probably should just skip this course.



  1. shawnnews

    Pat, do you think the conservative movement is run by the “crazies” or do you think they just get the most attention because they make the most noise and get the press?
    The local conservatives I’ve known all my life are not crazy at all. They are fine and decent people, from what I know, who I disagree with on political issues.

  2. Terry Morgan

    How about writing an article that is not negative and does not attack the right?

    Oh, wait that is the only thing you can do these days Patsy….

  3. Jim Yeager

    Terry: He didn’t write the article. He posted a link to it.

    How about writing a comment that is not based in ignorance and does not attack Pat Cunningham?

    Oh, wait that is the only thing you can do these days Teresa…

  4. shawnnews

    “And the liberal media takes him at his word and drops the story, pursuing it no further.”
    That’s quite a stretch, Norman. In fact, I’ve heard the name Jeremiah Wright at least once a week since Obama was elected.
    However, the reason Christine O’Donnell or Rand Paul or Sharron Angle are going to get scrutiny is because they are the new candidates of their party for their races. All candidates get the treatment.
    BTW have you read the entire “God D*mn, America” sermon. I don’t find it too much different from when conservative reverends say America is under the judgement of God for sexual immorality, other than Rev. Wright appears to think that would be an acceptable, consequence:
    “for killing innocent people… for treating our citizens as less than human… as long as she tries to act like she is God, and she is supreme.”
    It appears you are upset when a reverend says America is under judgement or should be damned for things you don’t think are damnable. Are you upset when other reverends say God is judging us for something else?

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