A few ordinary folks explain why they’re voting Republican

I don’t know about you, but these arguments make a lot of sense to me.




  1. I’m voting democratic so I can help support the thousands of professionally unemployed (noooo – not the legitimately unemployed), bleeders of the system. You know….those that cant wait to find out where there next freebie is coming from….In their wonderful world where babies aren’t counted in pounds, they are counted in dollars and cents they are worth per month….OHHH the beauty of it all……..

  2. Others reasons I’m voting Democratic

    I like the fact that teachers that cant teach 4th graders how to read are expertly qualified to teach them about sex.

    Because I’m against Capital Punishment for unspeakable crimes but I’m just fine with abortion on demand (not like thats killing anybody)

    I think big companies are oppressive and our government is the one that creates true prosperity…

    I beleive AIDS is spread by the lack of federal funding….not irresponsible people.

    I beleive self esteem is more important than actually proving yourself…..

    I beleive Hunters don’t care about nature….but some pot-head in SanFrancisco does.

    I think people like Al Gore should make milions off of climate change. (Pays for all the AV-GAS for that corporate Jet). Never mind no science exists to support it.

    Because we need to keep having federal funding….or there will be no Arts…….

  3. Jim Yeager

    I’m voting Republican because thinking makes my brain need a hug from Jesus.

  4. I’m voting Republican because they really must be for gay rights. They seemed to enjoy screwing me the past 10 years.

  5. Tom Kogan

    If you vote for Oblamer, you are voting for the demise of America.
    Fact; Obama told Joe the plumber that he wants to share the wealth.
    Fact; sharing the wealth is Socialism.
    Fact; Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples money.
    I worked for 46 years and now my tax money is being used to buy votes from down and out people that are on welfare and food stamps and to support illegals, (medical care, food, housing, etc.)
    The country is 16 trillion dollars in debt. We just can’t afford Oblamer any more.

  6. Tom Kogan seems not to understand that every government expenditure at every level — federal, state or local — is a case of sharing the wealth.

    The government takes money from some people by way of taxes and spends it — presumably or ostensibly, depending upon your point of view — for the common good. The money goes for public safety, economic development, national defense, courts, education, research, infrastructure, environmental and consumer protection, etc., etc. In short, it goes for efforts to “promote the general welfare,” as the Constitution puts it.

    Some of these expenditures directly benefit the general populace, and some directly benefit relatively few people or businesses or other institutions. But all of them, as I say, are examples of sharing the wealth.

  7. Oh I’m all about sharing. Sharing can be fun, particularly when it’s voluntary and I get to decide how I get to share.

    It’s just that when you want to “share” more that half of the wealth that I created it gets to be a bit tiresome.

  8. doc: So you think paying for public safety, economic development, national defense, courts, education, research, infrastructure, environmental and consumer protection, etc., etc. should be “voluntary.”

    That figures.

    You’re such a political sophisticate.

  9. I think that any time the government’s “necessary” service require more than 50% of my wealth then they either don’t know what the hell they are doing or they need a new definition of necessary.

    Besides, if you are so enthusiastic about that level of committment to the greater good, why shouldn’t ALL citizens pay the same percentage of their incomes?

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