Does Tea Party crowd realize that House GOP leaders are usually rubber stamps for Nancy Pelosi?


As every decent, heterosexual, hard-working, church-going, tax-paying, law-abiding, patriotic Tea Partier can tell you, any Republican lawmaker who ever cooperates with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and a traitor who should be exiled to Katmandu, Timbuktu or one of them other foreign places where they hate America.

Which raises an interesting question: How many Tea Partiers are aware that all the Republican leaders in the House of Representatives (above) — every last one of them — usually vote the way Pelosi wants them to vote?

John Boehner has voted the Pelosi way 52 percent of the time this year. Mike Pence? Same as Boehner. Eric Cantor? Fifty-seven percent of the time. And Michele Bachmann, who’s not in leadership but is nonetheless a favorite of the Tea Party movement, has voted with Pelosi 58 percent of the time.

The irony here is that campaign ads running in TV markets around the country are attacking certain so-called conservative Democrats  for voting with Pelosi most of the time. Is this hypocrisy or what?

There’s more on this matter HERE.



  1. Yes it is hypocrisy, especially considering how liberals complain that Republicans are obstructionists and that Congress is “ungovernable.”

  2. Terry: Two things:

    1) The point of this post, which seems to have escaped you, is to demonstrate the ease with which a given lawmaker’s votes can be distorted in campaign attacks. The legislative process is a complicated exercise, and there are times when a lawmaker might vote against a bill or an amendment that contains both good and bad provisions. The risk in such a vote is that a political opponent might accuse the lawmaker of having voted against apple pie, the flag and motherhood. Both parties make these kinds of attacks.

    2) To denigrate Pelosi’s intellect in a comment that implies praise for Bachmann is the height of silliness.

  3. Neftali: Democratic complaints about Republican obstructionism almost exclusively apply to the Senate, where the filibuster allows the tail to wag the dog and where a single senator can block confirmation of an appointee. Obstructionism in the House is not as easy and therefore is not as common.

  4. Jim Yeager

    So, Bachmann must be smarter because she has more letters after her name?

    Great. I guess that means I’m smarter than Albert Einstein.

  5. Hey. how about the letters after my name?: IOU, NSF, LOL, AA, ACLU, 4-F and, eventually, DOA.

  6. Not hypocrisy, Pat. Just politics as usual on both sides of the aisle. Proves the old saying – “Figures don’t lie but liars figure”

  7. Jim: Pay no mind to Terry. His notion that Bachmann is smarter than Pelosi is not surprising in light of his failure to grasp the original point of this post (as I explained in comment No. 3). Now he’s resorting (awkwardly) to a metaphor about digging a hole.

  8. Jim Yeager

    Terry continually proves why bumper sticker arguments are never a good idea, especially when you’re missing a pretty important preposition. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel insulted or not. No one has ever called me a “hole” before.

  9. Jim Yeager


    ALL the Terrys I know are blissfully ignorant. Since that is my personal experience, it must be true.


    Wrong again, sport. I’ve never been called a “hole” before. I’ve been called things that have the word “hole” in them, but never just a “hole.”

    Put down the shovel, Terry. You can’t spin your way out of the fact that your attempt to be witty failed miserably…again.

  10. Jim Yeager


    Is English your first language? “Considered your life experiences have just been expanded?”

    No, really. PUT DOWN THE SHOVEL.

  11. Edward Blake

    I think it is safe to say, via Jim’s brilliant illustration, that anyone who results to attacking grammar on a blog is an arrogant and witless jackass. It’s a blog, lighten up.

  12. Jim Yeager

    Nothing proves my point better than just letting the other side speak for themselves.

    Russ: “When they can’t win an argument they start namecalling…”

    Edward: “…anyone who results to attacking grammar on a blog is an arrogant and witless jackass.”

    Sorry, Edward, but according to Russ, you can’t win the argument.

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