Kooky Tea Party candidate for Senate peddles falsehood about Obama and White House Christmas tree


It looks like we’re in for another season of right-wing nonsense about the so-called War on Christmas.

VIDEO that surfaced today shows Ken Buck, the Tea Party Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Colorado, trotting out a phony story about how Barack Obama insists on calling the White House Christmas tree a “holiday tree.”

Granted, Buck’s mention of the Christmas tree is only a small portion of his rant about First Amendment issues relating to religion. And granted, the video is from a forum that was held last year. But those factors won’t prevent the right-wing blogosphere from breathing new life into the theory that Obama is part of the War on Christmas.

For the truth about the Christmas tree in the Obama White House, check THIS and THIS.



  1. Hmm. Is this a preemptive strike?

  2. how si it that you call some alternative media website postings TRUTH and yet call others NONSENSE?

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