Democrats in Congress and the White House not as liberal as you might think


It says HERE that, on issue after issue, those wacky liberal Democrats in Washington have been somewhat less liberal than advertised.



  1. I see the freakazoids at Daily Kosmonaut don’t know the difference between “bills introduced” and “bills passed.” What eventually passed wasn’t as liberal as some wanted, but it wasn’t for lack of effort.

    Q – Did the Democrats pass a stimulus package as large as liberal economists Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz and Nouriel Roubini said we needed?

    A – No. Andy those guys didn’t work for the government, either. Who cares what they think?

    Q – Did the Democrats pass Cramdown or a WPA-style jobs program?
    A – Yes, it was called the “American reinvestment and recovery act”, or “Stimulus bill.”

    Q – Did the Democrats even put a single payer health care plan on the table? Did they fight for a public option?

    A – Single payer was shot down in committees. Congressional Democrats fought like Hell for the public option. There are hundreds of floor speechs to verify this.

    * Did the Democrats reject the generals’ request to further escalate the war in Afghanistan?
    A – No, but since when does “War” have anything to do with being liberal? Idiots. If anything, over the past 100 years, the country was at war far more often with liberals in power than conservatives.

    * Did the Democrats shut down Gitmo, secret renditions, or domestic spying?
    A – No. and its a good thing, too.

    Q – Did the Democrats end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or the Defense Of Marriage Act?

    A – Don’t ask Don’t Tell is almost dead. They couldn’t repeal the Defense of Marriage Act if they tried, its a pointless argument.

    Q – Did the Democrats even begin to address immigration reform?

    A – Yes.

    Q – Did the Democrats pass Cap-and-Trade or respond to the BP oil disaster by ending deepwater drilling?

    A – Cap & Trade passed the House. It couldn’t get past the Senate filibuster. Deepwater drilling was halted for a while. Shutting it down completely would never have worked. Even liberals get money from big oil companies.

  2. joeapple1

    Good post Neftali. All of these Listed liberal agenda items were tried but because of voter backlash at home in town halls etc they fell short. So the whole premise of this article is false. Voters rejected the liberal agenda so the white house and congress sumbitted a liberal lite agenda. That to was rejected by the voters on Tuesday.

    Never underestimate a losing party’s attempt to spin a victory out of defeat. It is never about the policies. It is always about “not getting the message out “properly or in this case, the “voters never got to see what we really wanted to do”.

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