John McCain doesn’t support the troops if it might offend his party’s right wing


John McCain’s ABANDONMENT of his once-vaunted political independence is becoming increasingly more pathetic.



  1. It is my opinion that John McCain is a political opportunist. He inherited the “Maverick” label by not siding with the GOP on many key issues. While this may benefit him, it certainly makes me call into question his integrity.

    In any event the GOP really needs to get on board with the Gay Rights issues. I think is is the “civil rights” of our time and 50 years form now, people will look back and wonder what the big deal was.

    It is time to eliminate “don’t ask, don’t tell” and allow all citizens to openly service in the military, or whatever profession they choose.

  2. Agreed with David. Get rid of don’t ask, don’t tell. Its time.

    On another note…

    Pat – there’s an interesting gem from the Times from a column 150 years ago. As an amateur Lincoln scholar, I figured you would enjoy this:


    And before you say anything, yes, I understand that Republicans today would not be in favor of high tariffs and and unrestrained immigration like they were during this time, plus various other differences. I get it.

  3. Looks like the Pentagon is getting ready to say there is “minimal risk” in repealing DADT. That should be enough to convince McCain.


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