Birthers in state legislatures see GOP gains in midterm elections as a boon to their weird cause


As the old saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Republican gains in the recent midterm congressional elections had their parallels in balloting for seats in state legislatures. And with the GOP swinging ever further to the right, that means there will be more Tea Party loonies and other such strange specimens running amok in statehouses all over the land.

Already, various wackos are introducing Birther bills at the state level in anticipation of support from incoming lawmakers.

The story is HERE.



  1. lets see the birth certificate then…

    Pat….you amaze me….if you had lived in the 14th century you would have been on a street corner yelling “THE WORLD IS FLAT” becuase THAT was what your government told you….

    But hey, the ruling elite NEED useful idots such as yourself, who are intelligent enought to regurgitate what they are told be the government, but not driven enough to even verfiy the validity of theose claims…..

  2. doa: You want to see Obama’s birth certificate? Here it is:


    We get a lot of weirdo conpiratorialists here, but you take the cake.

  3. John Wilson: I’m guessing that you think the article to which you have linked in comment No. 4 shows that a sizable percentage of Birthers are Democrats. But the CNN poll to which the article refers does no such thing.

    The poll shows that 41 percent of Republican respondents think that Obama probably or definitely was born in another country. But it also shows that only 15 percent of Democratic respondents think that Obama probably or definitely was born in another country.

    Long story short: Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to entertain wacky Birther theories.

  4. john.Wilson

    I know Republicans are wacky, but that doesn’t mean that Democrats aren’t as well (except in your world).
    I know I must be mistaken, but it looks like a majority of Dem’s believe 911 was an inside job.
    link from other URL,

  5. John Wilson: You have a reading problem. I defy you to cite evidence from the piece to which you linked that shows that “a majority of Dem’s [sic] believe 911 was an inside job,” as you put it.

    Don’t even waste your time looking for it. It isn’t there, John. You have badly misread the material from Pollster.com.

    For starters, the piece does not cite any poll that poses a sole question as to whether 9/11 was an inside job.

    For another thing, a Scripps Howard poll that posed a vaguely similar (but broader) question did not provide a breakdown of respondents by party.

    In other words, John, the inference you drew regarding a “majority” of Democrats is simply not supported by the data.

  6. denny johnson

    The USA has the right law in place, that the President must be born in America. The law is a good one. The applicant for office should have the responsibility to prove, beyond question, before being placed on the ballot.

    The certificate shown on the noted web site looks official. It does not say “duplicate” or replacement on it.

  7. john.Wilson

    Demorats as ccmpared to Republicans?
    Those wacky Dems’s that don’t exist?

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