Is Glenn Beck actually a conniving stooge for evil billionaire George Soros?


Some of you, no doubt, have bought into Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theories about how hedge fund manager George Soros is plotting to ruin all that is good about America and ultimately sap us of our precious bodily fluids.

But have you ever considered the possibility that Beck is actually a willful participant in the Soros plot?

Well, Jon Stewart has considered that possibility, as we see HERE.

Be afraid, good people. Be very afraid.



  1. I think Beck is probably the long lost son of Evil George Soros. Maybe even his younger cloned, immortal self.

  2. Glenn Beck is a stooge shave his hair off and he would be a perfect Curly. Only one reason to take Beck seriously and that is that there are those who actually hang on his every word and believe what he says. Those who buy into Beck’s rhetoric should not be dismissed as village idiots they do not grasp reality or logic in anyway.
    Stewart’s parody is meant to show the absurdity but is likely lost on those who really need to understand just how absurd Beck is.

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