Poll: Most Americans want ObamaCare to be left unchanged or expanded, but not scaled back or repealed


Don’t believe that propaganda about how the American public wants the incoming Congress to undo much or all of the new health-care reform law.

The TRUTH OF THE MATTER is something else.



  1. I don’t beleive propaganda. But, I do beleive an election every now and then. My health insurance went up 44.9 percent. That aint propaganda baby….

  2. Just decide: do you want your health insurance controlled by government officials, who are accountable at the ballot box or you do want your health insurance controlled by for-profit corporations who are accountable to no one? Anyone who thinks for-profit multi-billion dollar health insurance companies that make money by DENYING care are looking out for them is living in fantasy land.

    If your rates have gone up, it ain’t the government’s fault. Call your health insurance company or, better yet, check out their latest proxy statement and see how much money their CEO made last year and how their stockholders made out.

    Don’t fear the government; we are the government. Fear the corporations.

  3. monkey – If insurance companies denied business to everyone, or even to a significant percentage of people, they wouldn’t be in business anymore. You could buy your health insurance elsewhere. Besides, its a mute point. all the Republicans proposals also made it illegal to deny coverage for preexisting conditions or to drop coverage. It was going to happen one way or the other.

    I would rather have a choice of health care providers, proposals, and insurance options, than have just one choice, that which is controlled by the government, or by anyone. I would be just as unhappy if one private company controlled all health insurance. And a CEO pay is a small percentage of receipts which is based upon market demand, just the way it should be.

    Pat – That McClatchy-Marist poll is about as reliable as Zogby.

  4. Even if there was a government insurance program for everyone, you would still be free to buy private insurance or supplemental insurance just like you can with Medicare. You will always have choices.

  5. Steven Young: What the hell do “Kenyens” [nice spelling, by the way] have to do with it? Or are you one of those Birther nutcases who believe that Obama was born in Kenya?

  6. Jerry – We’ve been through this several times. The whole idea behind a government insurance program is to eventually eliminate private insurance. That’s always been the liberal agenda, only now the most of the public is no longer falling for that deception.

  7. Peanut – Obama had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was the Democrats on the Senate Finance committee that gave up on the public option.

    If Congress has passed a bill with the public option, or even a complete single payer system, you better believe Obama would have signed it in a heartbeat.

  8. Peanut – Zero discussion allowed on the public option? OMG. That’s all everyone debated about for MONTHS, especially those in Congress. The first health care bill passed by the house INCLUDED the public option, you ignoramus.

    HR.3200 – Look it up. The final approved House bill was HR.3962

    Obama was very much in favor of a public option, as seen here.


  9. john.Wilson

    We should ignore peanut, I am thinking it is a reference to what is between his ears.

  10. The only way a government insurance program would eliminate private insurance would be if the private insurance could not compete.

    What could be more capitalistic than that?

    Let the people have a choice. Give their hard earned money to the government for insurance or give it to private insurance companies for insurance. Let the market place rule.

  11. I agree Jerry.

    So why doesn’t Obamacare do just that?

    Let insurance companies sell whatever product they want, acrosss state lines, with no mandates to cover anything. If I want a plan that covers my 25 year old, with infertility, viagra and botox included, I could pay for that more expensive plan.

    If I wanted a plan that was catastrophic, with high deductibles and no fertility services I could buy that at a cheaper rate. Why not let the market really work?

  12. Obamacare does not do that because the Senate republican blocked any government plan. The insurance companies are afraid of a public option.

  13. John.Wilson

    Am I missing something? Didn’t the last 2 years give the Democrats the ability to pass anything without Republican support?

  14. John.Wilson: Have you ever heard of the Senate filibuster? Have you ever heard of Blue Dog Democrats?

  15. Democrats are Democrats, no matter how you categorize them and the party with (D) after it’s name had all the power. It’s the Democratic party leadership that failed. They were just too committed to their left wing agenda and unwilling to adopt common sense reform ideas that might have garnered that Blue Dog support.

    Too bad the Democrats don’t have a bigger tent that respects all ideas.

  16. John.Wilson

    Blue Dog Democrats?
    Aren’t or weren’t they Democrats? I don’t recall a filibuster with healthcare succeeding.
    ABC News “All 58 Democrats and two independents voted to break the filibuster on the bill, which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released Wednesday night. ”
    So Pat you really are another Kool-Aid drinker. I thought you knew it all.
    So your comment is pure nonsense.

  17. John.Wilson: You said the Democrats had “the ability to pass anything without Republican support.”

    In reply, I mentioned the Senate filibuster and Blue Dog Democrats. My implication, of course, was that those factors prevented the Democratic leaders from passing just anything they might want.

    Yes, the health-care bill and several other major measures were passed, but certain other bills were blocked by Republican filibusters, which, in some cases, were supported by such Blue Dog Democrats as Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln.

    But you say my mention of the filibuster and the Blue Dogs is “pure nonsense” and that I’m just “another Kool-Aid drinker.”

    The problem here, John, is that you don’t understand the system, or at least haven’t followed the proceedings in Congress very closely.

  18. John.Wilson

    No, I understand, apparently the subject here wasn’t about health-care\ObamaCare.

    I said “Didn’t the last 2 years give the Democrats the ability to pass anything without Republican support?”

    So you mention the filibuster..didn’t stop health care and if you are unable to control the people in your party, that isn’t the Rebulicans fault.


    “Reid Has Killed Most Filibusters
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) “is on track to set the record for having the best batting average when it comes to killing filibusters,” Roll Call reports.

    “Since the beginning of the 111th Congress, Reid has won 90 percent of his efforts to cut off attempted Republican filibusters.”

    Maybe you need to follow the proceedings more closely as well.

  19. Jim Yeager

    “Democrats are Democrats, no matter how you categorize them and the party with (D) after it’s name had all the power.”

    I guess this means expdoc has given up the argument that the Tea Party is independent. After all, the Tea Party candidates that won ALL have an (R) after their name and the Republicans are in control of the House.

    Bookmark expdoc’s comment, Pat. You’ll want to remind him of his own words in a couple of months.

  20. No Jim pay attention now….the tea party doesn’t exist.

  21. Jim Yeager

    Neither does God, but those who think He/She/It does still have plenty of power.

  22. john.Wilson

    The Tea Party would support anyone running on a platform of smaller governement and responsible fiscal spending. It just so happened this time arounfd folks with an “R” met that criteria.

  23. However, history proves that folks with an “R” neither make the government smaller nor are fiscally responsible. They are all talk but opposite in their actions. They have grown both the government and debt more than people with a “D”.

  24. If the folkas with the R don’t get their act together I suspect they may be voted out of office as well. I think the R and the D will matter much less in the future and what will matter most is the ability of a politician to actually lead in a fiscally responsible way. Politics as usual should be dead.

  25. R and D are the only options in the foreseeable future. A third party has very little chance to succeed. Notice how the republicans quickly co opted the tea party. Nobody has a T after their name. They all have R.

  26. Brad Branson

    This is pure propaganda, The general population of working class Americans do not support Obamacare period!

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