K.O.’s most provocative comment yet on aftermath of Tucson tragedy

There’s lots of stuff in this video to get the juices flowing on both the left and the right.

I eagerly await your responses.




  1. Peanut: Your long verbatim excerpt from Olbermann’s comment has been deleted. We don’t need a transcript when we can hear for ourselves in the video what Olbermann had to say.

  2. Peanut – Just a guess, but I think that Beck rant is fairly old. Still, there is no excuse for him using that kind of language. Its appalling. Beck deserves to lose all his advertising support for that kind of speech.

  3. henry herrler

    Neftali are you on the same hallucinogen as Peanuts. That is so obviously a hacked up tape it’s despicable. That’s where the new law should be written. Slandering people with fake or out of context video and audio should mean jail time.. Olberman is guilty of it too in Pat’s lead in.

  4. don eubanks

    these cable talkers are rude people whi interrupt their guests when they’re speaking and not let them make their point. so it comes down to a shoutimg match for 22 minutes.

    you’ll remember pat when you had you boring litle show,on WROK whenver some was in oppistion to you and making a point, you would conviently go to a break or station ID

  5. henry herrler….isn’t not a hacked up tape. here’s the transcript.


  6. don eubanks: I’m not going to pretend that my stint as a talk-radio host was anything but a failure. But your stupid little contention about commercial breaks and station IDs is wrong. The truth of the matter is that I had little or no say as to when breaks occurred. The technical producer gave me a signal when a commercial or ID break was due. Actually, he (or she) often got miffed when I ignored the signals during a good give-and-take with a caller. I never ducked opposing views. Rather, I relished them, just as I relish mixing it up with the wingnuts on this blog. Of the tens of thousands of comments published here in the past three years, the ovewhelming majority have been in disagreement with my opinions. That’s fine. But I like to give as well as I get, as the regulars here will attest.

  7. henry herrler

    That is not a transcript for that hacked video Neftali. But you make my point. There is a whole program to watch which is the true context of what Beck is saying. You can’t get that out of a you tube clip. I saw the program you listed as the transcript. It was a warning to all Americans, especially Pelosi and crew who they were allied with, and who is no longer happy with Obama. It’s not unlike the strange bedfellows of pre Nazi Germany.

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