President Obama’s weekly YouTube address

The president says “America will win the future by out-innovating, out-educating, and out-building our competitors.”




  1. Hey pat…..My comment is unrelated to your article…., but yesterday i was on my way home from work driving on US 20 in belvidere when i was passed by a Silver Dodge charger doing oh say 100 MP…the car passed me on the shoulder and missed me by only a couple of feet..then came no less than 8 police cars chasing after it!! ..the reason I am posting this is that i was reading the article on RRSTAR.com and read the following:

    “The weapon that was allegedly pointed at the female motorist in Forest Park was reportedly discarded from the Charger but found by Rockford police in the area of Kilburn Avenue and Lapp Court, Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark said. ”

    I’m extremely curious as to how the weapon was found at Kilburn and Lapp when the chase was west bound from the Burbs and never made it that far west….

    what gives? is it a reporting error? did Deputy Cheif Lindmark get confused?
    IM CONFUSED…..it makes no sense…..and it should make no sense to whoever wrote the article….

    a cursory glance at a city map would tell you that what they claim regarding where they found the weapon was impossible.

  2. john.wilson

    Food for thought, I would have to agree that if Bush misspoke the MSM would be on it.
    We are all human and all misspeak so
    I don’t hold it against our President or the man second in line our VP Biden.


    “At about 21:39 in this YouTube video interview posted yesterday, President Obama declares, “As I said, we will be out of Afghanistan by the end of this year.” Then he declares, “Combat operations in Afghanistan have ended.”

    Neither of these statements is accurate. He was getting Afghanistan mixed up with Iraq. If this were Reagan or George W. Bush, the press would be all over it, depicting the president as senile, stupid, doddering, a pawn of his aides or vice president, or worse. Instead, the press has almost entirely ignored it. As of this morning the White House hadn’t posted a transcript of the interview (as it often does with presidential statements or remarks) on its Web site, either.”

  3. Edward Blake

    I meant egos, plurarl, not ego’s, possessive.

  4. John Wilson – ” President Obama declares, “As I said, we will be out of Afghanistan by the end of this year.” Then he declares, “Combat operations in Afghanistan have ended.”

    Sound just like what Bush said on that aircraft carrier, while standing in front of a mission accomplished banner. I can’t believe the MSM latched onto that one, and the’re giving Obama a pass. It’s so unfair.

  5. Steven: How dumb can you get? Only the most dimwitted wingnuts are still riding that “57 states” hobby-horse.

    As I’ve explained here on numerous occasions, Obama’s remark about “57 states” was a slip of the tongue as he was counting up the states and territories that held Democratic primaries and caucuses in 2008.

    Actually, the real number of Democratic primaries and caucuses was 56.

    Even this guy, who says he’s no fan of Obama, understood the situation:

  6. Steve: You want us to believe that an honors grad of two Ivy League universities doesn’t know how many states there are?

    Only the most imbecilic Obama haters are gullible enough to buy that crap. And you’re one of them. You’re pathetic.

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