Climate Denial Crock of the Week

It’s time to check in again with the inimitable Peter Sinclair.

In this outing, Sinclair discusses the ice in Greenland (which is something I wrote about in THIS PIECE last fall when Ron Johnson, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, came up with some nonsense about Greenland).




  1. Definitionally, global warming means the entire globe is warming. Since Antarctica is not warming (climate scientists don’t know why), warming is not global. As this video discuses, there is regional warming/cooling and a lot of evidence supporting it. Again, it is not global.

    Greenland has never been green. It was so named as a marketing rouse.

    As I have stated on this blog, AGW is happening, it’s is just not catastrophic. We certainly don’t need to enact policy and engage in carbon offsets, and the like. My suspicion is deniers are rooted in politics and any concession on AGW would not be politically popular. LIke many “crises” politicians hold us hostage to their political power.

  2. Orlando Clay

    So, Rockford-area Cons, after being hammered with a record-setting blizzard, are you still clinging to the Glenn Beck-and-other-liars-at-Fox-News myth that climate change is still some well-orchestrated left-wing hoax?

    Hey, Cons, climate change has affected us here in Orlando, too. Today’s daytime high was actually 9 degrees…..9 degrees above the normal of 72, that is.

    Think about that while you’re shoveling snow over the next few days, you dingbat Cons.

  3. kevind1986

    Wow – OC managed a whole post where nothing made any sense. Congrats!

  4. Orlando Clay: Climate change cannot be observed, it can only be trended over decades of time. The current warming trend from the 1970s is 0.23 F per decade. There is also not any evidence of precipitation becoming more intense due to an increase in CO2.

    The evidence the AGW is real is can be demonstrated by looking at a trend in nighttime low temperatures. Only CO2 can be the reason that the coldest nights are warming.

    Please keep in mind that CO2 and temperature increase in logarithmic: it takes exponentially more CO2 to warm the second degree than the first. This means we would have to output an increasing rate of CO2 to maintain the current trend.

  5. henry herrler

    No Clay, we have turned over a new leaf. You are so very intelligent that I just can’t refute your brilliance any longer. If you start a religion I will follow you. I’m yours. Bless me please. You stupid idiot.

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