Fox News botches effort to prove that Obama botched a biblical reference


In their latest effort to raise doubts about Barack Obama’s claim that he’s a Christian, the pinheads at Fox News embarrassingly missed the mark the other day.

Here’s the headline Fox used on its Web site: “Obama Botches Bible Verse at Prayer Breakfast.”

And HERE‘s the story that appeared under that headline.

But, as we see HERE, the only botching involved in this matter was the failure of Fox News to recognize that there’s more than one version of the Bible.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast:




  1. Tom USPS

    Fox news gets fact wrong most of the time. Business as usual.

  2. Campbell

    Their are numerous interpritations of the bible. Why else are there so mant denominations of Christianity.

  3. I would praise the administrations accomplishments, if there were any. A stalled economy, double digit unemployment, trillions more in debt and a healthcare overall that will increase costs and they still are reaching into your pocket for more. I\’m looking forward to see how much more money they want over ther next two years.

  4. Great story, well except for the fact that EVERY possible example Media Matters gives shows that the President omitted part of the quote, just as Fox Nation stated.

    Media Matters even updated their story to state he was paraphrasing. But in that case he didn’t quote from the Bible at all so this is at best a non story, and Fox Nation still got it right.

    It would appear Obama mixed two or more versions of the Bible for his paraphrase, but all of the Bible versions contain the missing phrase “will renew their strength.”

  5. henry herrler

    Poor Ben Dimiero had to update and admit that he is an idiot like Obama. My oh my Pat, if you are gonna run a blog header make sure the story you use comes not from an idiot. I know it’s tough because most you follow are pure idiots.

  6. Sort of reminds me of the whole “Let’s post the Ten Commandments” thing, which gets more complicated when you ask which version they plan to post. There are five, I believe. My favorite is the Catholic version that leaves out the whole “graven image” commandment (No. 2 with Protestants).

  7. It doesn’t matter if Obama thinks there are 57 states, with two to go, or if he botches/or not, a biblical reference…he’s no Ronald Reagan.
    The vast majority of the Christian Americans just don’t trust him.
    I mean…he now goes to church, only because of his sinking poll numbers…and Bill Daley demanded that!!!!

  8. Alma: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You say that Obama’s poll numbers are “sinking” and that “the vast majority of the Christian Americans just don’t trust him.”

    Wake up, Alma. Obama’s poll numbers have been on the rise for the past six weeks. His average approval rating in the six most recent national polls (Gallup, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Fox, CNN and Rasmussen) is 49.2 percent, which is 4.5 percentage points higher than his disapproval rating.

    Besides, how the hell do you know what the majority of Christian Americans are thinking? You sound like a religious bigot.

    Your claim that most Christians “just don’t trust” Obama is pure poppycock. The vast majority of Americans are Christians, and the vast majority of Americans do, in fact, like Obama. In an Associated Press poll of a few weeks ago, a whopping 83 percent of respondents said the president is likable; and large majorities said they view him favorably (59 percent), consider him empathetic (63 percent), see him as a strong leader (62 percent), and consider him to be in-touch with ordinary Americans (61 percent).

    As I say, Alma, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.. All you do is here is spout right-wing nonsense.

    Oh, and one more thing: Your reference to that 57-states thing is especially dimwitted.

    You want us to believe that an honors grad of two Ivy League universities doesn’t know how many states there are?

    Only the most imbecilic Obama haters are gullible enough to buy that crap. And you seem to be one of them.

    As I’ve explained here on numerous occasions, Obama’s remark about “57 states” was a slip of the tongue as he was counting up the states and territories that held Democratic primaries and caucuses in 2008.

    Actually, the real number of Democratic primaries and caucuses was 56.

    Even this guy, who says he’s no fan of Obama, understood the situation:

  9. Why am I not surprised at the Obama bashers who have sooo much to say about what he has not done for this country. We were in a recession before he took office, unemployment was in the double digits before he took office, we were in debt up to our cracks BEFORE he took office. And you still want to blame him and say he’s un-American? Really, I don’t see anyone screaming about how un-American it was to drag us into a war, which has been going on for some 9 years now for weapons of mass destruction that oopps, don’t exist. I don’t see anyone screaming about the high unemployment rate that has been steadily creeping up along with the gas and food prices as a result of the 8yrs of BS that was going on before Obama took office. He is not perfect, but no politician is and it’s a damn shame that he has gotten more flack than any other president in our history.

  10. Edward Blake

    I must have missed something. The story states Obama botched the quote and he did leave out phrases, namely the “rewnew their strength” part. I don’t think it’s a big deal or even worth writing a story about, but now I don’t know what’s more pathetic: a story trying that implies Obama isn’t Christian based on the fumbling of a quote or a story trying to prove Fox provides misinformation and then admitting the information is accurate. The answer probably depends on which party you get a hard on for.

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