There’s a big difference between climate skeptics and climate cranks

 Mark Heertsgaard explains the fundamental difference scientific climate skeptics and political climate cranks.




  1. Mark Thomas

    First was “global warming”.

    Then when there was no explanation to the record cold temps throughout the world so it was changed to “climate change”.

    When I was growing up we called it “weather”.

    We won’t go into all of these so called “scientific” documents that were faked.

  2. Mark Thomas: Wow, you’re really out to make a fool of yourself today.

    On another thread earlier this afternoon, you peddled some nonsense about how strong union states “typically vote for Democrats,” a claim I have since categorically refuted.

    And now you’re writing about “so called ‘scientific’ documents that were faked.”

    You’re probably referring to the so-called Climategate scandal. Well, you must be new here, because that crap has been debunked over and over and over again. Only the most dimwitted flat-earthers are still buying that nonsense.

    Here’s my latest post on the Climategate “scandal”:


    If you want to try dispute the investigations that are referenced in the piece to which I linked in that recent post, feel free. I would welcome the opportunity to mock you again.

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