Hey, expdoc! Do the math, Dude!


One of our more prolific Applesauce commenters, a guy who calls himself “expdoc,” has vowed to never darken our threads again, presumably because of the new RRStar.com online subscription plan.

At the rate expdoc visits this blog, the subscription would cost him the maximum price of $7.95 a month. That’s barely a quarter a day.

Here’s a guy who has submitted 2,571 comments in the past 19 months. That’s an average of 135 a month. At that rate, his monthly subcription cost would amount to about 8 cents per comment.

What’s more, if he increases his output of comments — or visits more frequently —  the average price comes down. It’s never going to cost him more than 26 cents a day.

Putting it another way, if it’s true, as they say, that time is money, expdoc’s frugality with regard to the subscription tab doesn’t make sense.

For a quarter a day, he can surf this blog and the other stuff on RRStar.com to his heart’s delight, and he can unburden himself of all the comments he can crank out. Nor will he have to abandon his pseudonym; he can maintain his anonymity.

I just don’t understand why someone who has spent many hours reading this blog and venting his spleen over its contents suddenly would absent himself to save a quarter a day.

But, hey, it’s his choice. If the withdrawal symptoms he’ll experience are worth it save that two bits every day, so be it.

This goes as well for the other Applesauce regulars who intend to absent themselves.



  1. expdoc

    Last comment from me friend. It’s not about the money, it’s about the access.

    As I have noted before, I spend the vast majority of my hours within the walls of one of the three hospitals where I work. IT infrastructure allows no access to paid sites or social networking sites.

    If I can’t use it while I am in the hospital, my time would be limited and therefore the site becomes less than useful. And before the snarky rhetort comes from one of your liberal buddies, my being on your site at the hospital had no effect on the patient care I provide.

    Have a good one Pat.

    Be sure to tune in this afternoon to hear Governor Walker explain just how badly the people of Wisconsin have been screwed by Jim Doyle and the Democrats and how painful righting the fiscal ship will be for everyone in the state.

    Too bad the runaway Democratic senators have cost the state another 167 million dollars in a lost ability to refinance the debt. That will cost thousands of good paying, middle class jobs.

  2. Gary Osborn

    Is he talking about the governor of WisKoch sin?

  3. expdoc,
    Since you are concerned “about the access”, I assume you are in favor of Net Neutrality where everyone has equal access.

  4. Clark W. Griswold

    It’s over….or nearly over. It is only a matter of time, this will become law, or at least 85-90% of it will. The Governor and the Republicans have the votes, thats all there is to it.

    If you feel you have public opinion on your side then “lace ’em up” and beat Governor Walker at the ballot box, it’s called Democracy. But stop hiding like a bunch of little kittens.


  5. Neftali

    I’m going to sign up.

    In the late 90’s most media outlets created a web site more as an after thought. The web site was more of an advertisement to say “Hey! Buy our newspaper or magazine or watch our network.”

    It wasn’t until later that companies realized that revenue could be generated through a web site. So they invariably were far behind the curve.

    In today’s world rrstar is available through laptops, smartphones, tablets, kiosks, and lord knows what else…all for free. rrstar still has to pay for personnel, technology backbone, and various wire feeds. So obviously they need to make up the money somehow. As we all know, print is dying…paying for online information, unfortunately, is unavoidable.

    That said, I think the price is a bit high. For example, complete access to the Wall Street Journal online is $1.99/wk or $103.48 a year. rrstar online, with two months free, still comes out to about $80 a year. Obviously WSJ has a lot more to offer, but I guess they can perhaps can leverage its cost structure a bit more….still, I think rrstar could do a little better about selling online advertising to make financial targets and not charge quite as much.

    But still, the way I look at it, we’ve all been getting a free ride for a long time. I think back of all the times I read the paper for free from it laying around at a restaurant so forth… I probably owe them. So I’ll begrudgingly pay up….but I still think $40-50 a year is a much more fair price.

  6. Mike Carroll

    I have decided to do the online subscription as well but as a 7 day print subscriber my cost is fairly minimal. For 95 cents per month I am not about to surrender my ability to annoy Pat.
    I have suggested to the RRS Editor, Linda Cunningham that perhaps it would be wiser to charge those outside the immediate area of the newspaper reach the nominal sum that I will pay. If I live in Milwaukee (expdoc) Washington (Craig Knaus) or Florida(Orlando Clay) I have little interest in what goes on in Rockford but can still maintain my Applesauce presence. Some income is better than none.

  7. hokumboy

    Sorry Pat, the RRStar’s become an embarrassment to Journalism and it’s only saving grace is the obituary column. LGC and Chuck Sweeney’s contempt for the people of Rockford, and their complete failure to honestly address our city’s very serious problems is reprehensible. Their words are not worth the paper or bandwidth they’re written on.

    Your blog started out as a pleasant stop in the day to witness a variety of political opinions. But it’s since become just a depository of insults. It’s just not worth actual $$$ to sit in on these schoolyard taunts.
    No one discusses or deliberates on this blog. Posters just spit and spat back and forth like 6th graders with no one’s opinion’s even being considered in the slightest anymore. If one’s approach to a subject’s different than another’s they’re vilified and maligned without any middle ground. “I am right – you are wrong” “I am good – you are evil”. That’s complete B.S. The world’s not that way, no matter what your posters feel. There is always some good in anothers outlook, in other’s opinions. At least in the adult world.

    Nope. If I want to witness incivility and impudence, I’ll just watch the neighborhood grade school boys duke it out on the way home from school. For free.

  8. i won’t be paying the money because i believe the this paper stinks. The reporting stinks. For instance the chief of police for south beloit stepped down today. The free papers have it covered, but the big boy in the area has nothing. I’m a fan of sports. The star can’t even get the scores right. I’ll give my .25 a day to a site that cares about its readers.

    Not to mention the editor makes it hard for me to keep my dinner down. Her arrogances is 2nt to none. Plus at this point I consider her a liar. You can’t promise your readers a story and never produce that story. I’m sure you know what story I speak of. i can’t feed the problem.

    All that said I loved this blog. I don’t care to watch the news. I like to follow the links and see what the real people think. If the .25 a day went to you and no one else I would pay it. Sadly i have a feeling a larger percent goes to the editors country club membership dues.

  9. I only get the sunday edtion mostly for the ads. So I won’t be paying the 7.95 a month that adds up to over 400 dollars a year. I will click on certain stories or blogs untill I reach the quota for the month then wait till next month and start over again. I didn’t post that much anyway and I am getting a little tired of the name calling back and forth on both sides. There is a way to be civil in your disagreements with each other without all the anger. If we all try to get along better maybe problems could get solved quicker.

  10. Craig Knauss

    I tune in to this site because I was born and raised in Rockford. My family has lived in the valley since the 1800s. Even when I moved out, I still lived in Northern Illinois until 2001. I went to school with Charles Box, Tom Meyer, Brad Molander, etc. I knew Rev. Ragnar Moline and met Mayor Schleicher a number of times. My father is buried in Rockford and my grandparents near the Byron NPP. However, I’m not sure it’s worth $95 per year to debate with Beckerheads 1700 miles away. There are more than an ample supply where I live now. I will, however, read the postings, if I can still get in. It’s been fun, guys!

  11. Walnut

    whitelie says goodnight and good bye

  12. Hey Ron! How many months are in one of your years? About 50?

  13. Sorry its 95 still too much money to read about a bunch of people yelling at each other.

  14. dubrats

    um we already pay to come to this website…..get your share from comcast….if i had to pay to read this far left looney gossip paper at best….i would not go to it anymore…sorry

  15. I might be wrong but it doesn’t look like you are getting as many hits since the 1st when the new way of viewing the website took place. I won’t know wheater I’m right or wrong because I think my 15 views are up. I won’t pay for something I got for free for a lot of years too bad I enjoyed looking at the website on a daily basis. I pay for cable tv because I can spend hours watching tv but I only go to this website for a very short period of time just like satellite radio won’t pay for that either.

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