Whoopee! Newt Gingrich will run for president next year!


ABC News is REPORTING that Newt Gingrich, one of the most enigmatic politicians of our time, will announce soon that he’ll seek the Republican nomination for president next year.

What makes Newtie so much fun is that he’s paradoxically a pretty bright guy with a penchant for doing politically stupid things.

And given the fact that the Republican base has moved much farther to the right since Gingrich was speaker of the U.S. House, it’s going to be fascinating to watch the Newtster tie himself into ideological knots in his effort to ingratiate himself with the Tea Party types.

Here’s a guy who was blamed, rightly or not, for bringing about a partial shutdown of the federal government in 1995 because he was miffed at having to ride in the back of Air Force One on a flight to the funeral of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Here’s a guy who became such a pariah as speaker of the House and such a drag on his party’s electoral prospects that he abruptly resigned from Congress shortly after winning an 11th term in his Georgia district.

 Here’s a thrice-married “family values” advocate who cheated on his first two wives and reportedly pressed his first wife to sign divorce papers while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer.

Here’s a guy whose second wife says he “believes that what he says in public and how he lives don’t have to be connected.”

Oh, yeah. Newtie’s going to be a highly entertaining candidate for president.



  1. bejer50

    Run Newt, run!

    Your chances are slim and none, but the damage you could do to your party is priceless.

  2. MediaLies

    @#$% Newt Gingrich……Ron Paul is the Man…….It wont shock me when you idiots vote again for another party backed puppet and do exactly what the propaganda tells you to…

    Continue to Vote for Your own enslavement you uniformed idiots….you seem to like it that way

  3. Neftali

    I’m still hoping that Mitch Daniels runs. He is the only prospective Republican candidate that is capable of winning next year.

    Too bad the religious right is so hung up on Daniels’ “values truce” statement, and that libertarians like MediaLies live in some alternate reality thinking Ron Paul has any chance at becoming President, or that he would even make an effective one.

  4. JustPeachy

    I would like to see neither a republican OR a democrat win. Both sides are corrupt and need to go. Why can’t we get rid of party affiliation and just vote for the person? While we’re at it, I like term limits too. Too much time in office and they become corrupt, worthless, and do damage to our country.

  5. JustPeachy

    How about this too…how about the politicians make in salary what the majority of their constituents make in their district. It may get them off their butts to bring in jobs and create prosperity to the people they represent. It would also keep them from voting on policies that hurt American workers.

  6. JustPeachy: The Founding Fathers thought they could avoid the emergence of political parties, but they soon were disabused of that notion. Thomas Jefferson claimed to hate the idea of parties, but he became the founder of the nation’s first opposition party.

    As for term limits, we already have those. They’re called elections. Or would you prefer to deny the people the right to re-elect whomever they want as many times as they want? We don’t need term limits. Unpopular politicians never get re-elected. Only popular ones do.

  7. Neftali

    They idea of “politicians make in salary what the majority of their constituents make in their district” is also really bad.

    I believe Wall Street makes up the 14th Congressional district of New York. So Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney would make a ton of more money than say Raúl Grijalva, who represents Arizona’s 4th district.

  8. bejer50


    I listen AND READ just fine.
    That is exactly why I cannot tolerate the brazen, heartless, unethical, and tactics of the far-right.
    Did I forget to mention the lies, half-truths, and propaganda machine?

  9. JustPeachy

    P.C.: I think we all know that a lot has changed since the founding of our Nation 235 years ago, so the fact that not having political parties didn’t work then, doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot work today. It might just fix the stalemate that has permeated our local, state, and national politics, and it might revive those apathetic citizens who feel that their vote does not matter, because nothing ever changes in politics.

    As far as term limits are concerned…I can see that our current system is working really well.

    Neftali: You are making just my point with salaries. You might find politicians to be more motivated to work harder to bring up the living standards in lower income districts if there were an incentive to do so. As it is, there is no incentive to make things better for their constituents.

  10. JustPeachy

    bejer50: I think your description of the far right could be used to describe the far left as well.

    Both sides are equally brazen, heartless, and unethical. It just seems to depend on what side people lean to that determines their willingness to forgive those traits. Wouldn’t you say?

    Neither side has been honorable in regards to the people they represent, so don’t be so quick to judge one side over the other.

  11. bejer50

    JustPeachy: With all due respect, my opinions on the current bunch of so-called “conservatives” did not come quickly.
    Neocons are NOT true conservatives.

    The current right wing of the Republican party has tilted so far to the extreme, they make Liberals look like Conservatives.

    That is my opinion.

  12. JustPeachy

    Berjer50: What does it matter how far each side has gone when they’re both wrong? From my perspective, I see the left AND the right moving further and further to their prospective corners (away from the middle). I see BOTH sides justifying their means to get what they want, be it right or wrong. I see the people in this country paying the price for the corruption and games that the politicians continue to play (and get away with).

    Please do not be blind to your own parties wrongs. Voters need to hold ALL candidates to a high standard, regardless of their party affiliation. You cannot dismiss one candidates wrong actions, while condemning another’s just because of your own political prejudices.

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