Surtax on rich folks is most popular of 26 different ways to reduce deficits


How many Republican politicians are willing to heed THIS ADVICE from the American populace?

An excerpt:

[A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey] listed 26 different ways to reduce the federal budget deficit. The most popular: placing a surtax on federal income taxes for those who make more than $1 million per year (81 percent said that was acceptable), eliminating spending on earmarks (78 percent), eliminating funding for weapons systems the Defense Department says aren’t necessary (76 percent) and eliminating tax credits for the oil and gas industries (74 percent).

The least popular: cutting funding for Medicaid, the federal government health-care program for the poor (32 percent said that was acceptable); cutting funding for Medicare, the federal government health-care program for seniors (23 percent); cutting funding for K-12 education (22 percent); and cutting funding for Social Security (22 percent).

The answer to my question, of course, is none. Republican politicians are owned by the plutocrats, which means they’re more willing to cut funding for education than to restore tax rates on the richest Americans to the levels of just 10 years ago.


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  1. This is the same reason the authors of the Constiution were not in favor of a democracy. I will reference this story, again.

    Most people, including most Americans, would be surprised to learn that the word “democracy” does not appear in the Declaration of Independence (1776) or the Constitution of the United States of America (1789). They would also be shocked to learn the reason for the absence of the word democracy in the founding documents of the U.S.A. Contrary to what propaganda has led the public to believe, America’s Founding Fathers were skeptical and anxious about democracy. They were aware of the evils that accompany a tyranny of the majority. The Framers of the Constitution went to great lengths to ensure that the federal government was not based on the will of the majority and was not, therefore, democratic.

    You can read the rest of this article from the link below.

    On Democracy Versus Liberty

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