Are some white Americans fearful that they’re becoming a minority?


The Census Bureau predicts that within 40 years America will have no racial majority. We’ll all be minorities.

Leonard Pitts Jr. SAYS some white folks are upset about such a prospect.

An excerpt:

[O]ne need not travel far these days to encounter signs of acute anxiety emanating from the nation’s white majority, a visceral sense of dislocation and lost privilege.

You see it in the hysterical (in both senses of the word) reaction to the election of the first black president. You see it in the spike in the number of hate groups. You see it in the screeching that passes for debate on illegal immigration and in the clangor that seems to confront any Muslim who seeks to build a mosque anywhere. You see it in the apocalyptic rantings of Glenn Beck and in the peevish mutterings of Rush Limbaugh.

You see it also in a 2010 survey by the Washington-based Public Religion Research Institute, which found that 44 percent of us believe bigotry against whites is a significant problem.

Among tea party followers, the number rises to 61 percent.


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  1. Couldn’t really find the appropriate thread for this but felt it needed to be posted.

    Bill Maher is right.


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