Fox News Channel finds nuclear power plant in Tokyo disco club


This is pretty funny:

Notice in the screen-shot above that Fox News says Japan has a nuclear power plant in a place called “Shibuyaeggman.”

But, in fact, there is no such place in all of Japan.

There is, however, a dance club called “Eggman,” and it’s located in the Shibuya section of Tokyo.

The story about this Fox News error is HERE.



  1. MediaLies

    Just goes to show you how insensitive and callous some people are…..

    Rather than providing information or sympathy for teh victims, Pat wants to poke fun at fox news and keep the focus on bogus right/left issues.

    Give it a rest Pat.

  2. MediaLies: Give yourself a rest, Fox News chump!

    Oh, sorry. I forgot that you’re the poor addled fellow who recently told us that the late Ken Lay is in jail and that he was a “buddy” of Al Gore.

    I forgot that your elevator doesn’t go to the top. How “insensitive and callous” of me.

  3. Neftali

    Well…this link doesn’t have anything to do with nuclear power plants…but it does help put a perspective of the impact of the tsunami.


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