Wisconsin recall: Three GOP senators trail generic Dems, more at risk


There are lots of numbers and facts to digest in THIS RUNDOWN of the situation regarding the possible recall of certain Republican state senators in Wisconsin.



  1. smarterthanyou

    Do you ever get embarrassed at the lack of substance in your \"blogs\"? Copy and paste, that seems to be all your mind can accomplish. One would think that a blogger would have to have some sort of knowledge on a subject to blog about it, but you prove that theory wrong. All one has to do is, copy and paste someone Else\’s thoughts and hard work and post it on their blog. Now, I am a die-hard liberal like you and don\’t disagree with all the post you copy and paste to your \"blog\", but I have a mind of my own. I like to use said mind when I am coming to a decision on how I feel about a world event or national story, and not just take the the liberal view . I just feel it is a disservice to the people who actually do research and put some thought into their blogs, and not just copy and paste. Have a good day my fellow liberal and have a little pride in what you do.

  2. Barbara Young

    Rep. deserve to be recalled. The whole thing had nothing to do with balanceing the budget. It’s working people against the white collar workers the way it looks to me!

  3. Mark Thomas

    @smarterthanyou – and I thought I was the only one who noticed the lack of ability to generate real content.

  4. Mark Thomas: If this blog is so terrible, why do you visit so often?

    By the way, I’m still waiting for you to produce evidence of those “faked” scientific documents concerning global warming?

    You’re the one who still thinks Climategate was a big scandal, aren’t you?

  5. smarterthanyou: This is your third comment in the past six weeks, and all of them have been nothing more than complaints about how this blog is just a cut-and-paste job, which isn’t true.

    Actually, I have frequently expressed my opinions at length here, especially in exchanges with readers on the comment threads. I’ve even published lengthy posts that included not a single link to any other source.

    As I explained to you last month, I get paid not just for cutting and pasting other people’s thoughts. I get paid for drawing more than 1.1 million page views in the past 38 months. I get paid for drawing more than 60,000 comments.

    You say in your comment above that you have a mind of your own. Well, when are you going to use it to share your thoughts on anything other than your complaints about how I run this blog?

    If you can’t come up with comments that deal with anything other than the same old whine about this blog, there’s no point in having them published here. We’ll just conclude that the nickname you’ve applied to yourself is a misnomer.

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