A silly theory that Obama will be running against himself next year rather than against a Republican challenger


Republican pollster David Hill has come up with a RIDICULOUS COLUMN in which he argues, in effect, that next year’s presidential election will be about Barack Obama and not about whomever it is the GOP has nominated to run against him.

Near the end of his piece, Hill makes a big deal out of a poll late last year showing that only 42 percent of respondents thought Obama deserved a second term.

But that poll was conducted before Obama’s job-performance ratings got a boost in December and January.

Perhaps more importantly, it also ignores an interesting bit of history: Toward the end of Ronald Reagan’s second year in office, a poll asked Americans whether they thought the Gipper should run for a second term. Thirty-six percent of respondents said yes, while 52 percent said no. But, of course, Reagan did run again — and won in a landslide.

There’s a lot more in Hill’s column that makes little or no sense, but I’ll leave it you to discern those shortcomings for yourself.

UPDATE: A new poll SHOWS that voters are tepid toward Obama, but favor him over any prospective Republican challenger you can name.



  1. Milton Waddams

    It’s kinda fitting, since he ran against W last time.

  2. Rodney Stewart

    Ronald Reagan didn’t have Republican majorities in the House and Senate to lose prior to his second year as President Obama did. Considering the amount of debt this president has run up and the way he rammed his unpopular health care overhaul through, I highly doubt the current president will win in a landslide if he wins at all. He likely will be running against his own record as polster David Hill has stated.

  3. Rodney Stewart: Several things:

    1. Republicans did, in fact, control the Senate all through Reagan’s first term and through half of his second term. You could look it up.

    2. Obama “rammed through” his health-care bill the same way all legislation is rammed through: It passed both houses of Congress. Do you know of some other way of getting legislation passed?

    3. You’re right in noting that Obama will have to defend his record as he runs for a second term. But David Hill is wrong in suggesting that that’s all that will matter. On the contrary, Obama will be running against a Republican opponent whose own record and whose own rhetoric will be taken into account by voters.

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