Is Donald Trump the Fred Thompson of the 2012 election cycle?

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What do Donald Trump and Fred Thompson have in common?

Both are TV personalities who have, at different times, entertained fantasies of winning a Republican nomination for president.

Oh, and in terms of actual presidential qualifications, both are empty suits.

As I noted in THIS RETROSPECTIVE POST last month, Thompson made a big splash at first as a prospective presidential candidate in the 2008 election cycle — mainly because so many folks knew him from his work in movies and on TV.

Similar lightning might well strike Trump, who’s posturing as a candidate these days, even to the point of flirting with the Birther movement, the better to endear himself to the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party.

A new CNN poll SHOWS Trump already cracking double digits in the GOP nomination derby. And the more he peddles pseudo-common-sense simplisms, the more the booboisie will embrace him.

But above all, Trump’s lone asset, just like Thompson’s of four years ago, is that he’s a TV personality. That factor is the big one. It won’t carry him to the nomination — in reality, nothing could — but it might grant him status as a so-called contender for a while.

Remember where you heard it.


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