Opening day! After a long, cold winter, baseball finally is back!

To mark this happy occasion, let’s have another look at George Carlin’s classic comparison of baseball to football.




  1. Mike Carroll

    Better stock up on my No-Doze.

  2. Mike you could always watch girls softball. Thanks to having a couple daughters i found myself watching a lot of softball. Much easier game to watch. For one they play 7 innings versus 9. Smaller field and base distances make the game a lot quicker. Softball is a 4 sec game. Where baseball is a 5 sec game. The drag with softball was the lack of scoring, but thanks to some killer bats these girls can really drive a ball now. Some other plusses is less pitching changes and no leading off. Game is over in half the time.

    I can still watch baseball but it is more of an endurance event.

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