Wisconsin backlash will help Democrats — and perhaps unions, too!


Harold Myerson SAYS the backlash against union-busting efforts by Wisconsin Republicans “has produced a shift in public opinion that will help America’s unions, though it will take a lot more than public sympathy to rebuild labor’s power…[and] will help the Democratic Party across the industrial Midwest.”

An excerpt:

[A]s Wisconsin’s workers and their allies demonstrated day after day at the Capitol, and as the state’s Democratic senators stayed away to forestall the vote, Americans’ minds were concentrated on a right that certainly hadn’t been in the news much for decades: the right of workers to join together to bargain with management. Within a few days of Walker’s action, three national polls — USA Today/Gallup, Wall Street Journal/NBC, and New York Times/CBS — all showed that Americans opposed stripping public employees of their collective-bargaining rights, by roughly 60 percent to 30 percent margins.

Who knew? What with conservatives’ continual demonization of public-employee unions, the support that Americans show for public employees’ rights has to come as a surprise.



  1. expdoc

    I wonder what Americans will think about collective bargaining for public employees when their taxes continue to rise or services are cut as jobs are lost?

  2. expdoc

    I wonder if it will help the Democrats as much as the talking points they received from Da Union bosses during their extended vacation in Illinois?

    What was the phrase that one of our dearly deceased Applesaucers used to love?

    Bought and paid for I believe it was.


    The same day Senate Democrats left the state to boycott a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining bill, a union official from Washington, D.C., provided the Democrats’ leader with talking points.

    Emails released by the office of Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) show how Democratic senators sought to explain their unusual action to drive to Illinois to block a vote on Walker’s measure, which would end most collective bargaining by public employee unions. The measure ultimately passed the Legislature but is now facing legal challenges.

    One of people offering suggestions to Senate Democrats was Blaine Rummel, a spokesperson from the national office of the public workers union AFSCME, also known as the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

    Rummel sent an email marked “TPs,” for talking points, to Miller spokesman Mike Browne late in the evening of Feb. 17 after Senate Democrats had crossed the state line that morning.

  3. expdoc: Wow! What a scoop! Democrats exchange talking points among one another! Who knew?

    Of course, Republicans never exchange talking points among themselves. That would be scandalous.

    Could you possibly be more naive, doc? When it comes to politics, you are truly a babe in the woods.

  4. expdoc

    I’m no babe, although I am a spring chicken compared to you.

    Just trying to bring this little ol’ blog up to the exacting standards of Fox news. You know fair and balanced? 🙂

  5. expdoc

    Speaking of political naivette, on another thread you raised valid concerns about a Walker administration hire. It appears the dude is both inexperienced and likely a patronage hire.

    I thought you were a seasoned political observer from Illinois? Patronage jobs surprise you?

    Inexperience? The Wisconsin Dems and the national union bosses are furiously trying to get a state Supreme Court justice elected in Wisconsin who has NO judicial experience. Not only that, but she was passed over three times in the past by Obama and Doyle for other judicial appointments.

    Justice Prosser has been attacked on only 3 fronts by the special interest groups.

    First regarding a bogus charge from decades ago when he was a district attorney, a charge refuted by the very victim who he supposedly harmed.

    Second on the fact that he is “just like Scott Walker”, even though the Supreme Court in Wisconsin is a non-partisan seat.

    Finally, that he called the Chief Justice a nasty name in a private discussion.

    Not a single attack or dispute with any of his rulings from the bench.

    Pathetic hypocrites all.

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