Person of the Week


It suddenly occurs to me that Applesauce would do well to recognize each week a person whose unlikely newsworthiness says something especially important about the current state of the body politic.

Our first such honoree is Brian Deschane (above), who recently joined the ranks of America’s unemployed. His story is HERE.

Brian was the subject of THIS APPLESAUCE POST just five days ago, prior to which none of us had ever heard of him.



  1. denny johnson

    Staff working for the taxpayers should be qualified and hard working. Focused on serving everyone, regardless of party. Should be paid at same rate as others in private industry, working the same job description.

  2. Mike Carroll

    I am shocked, shocked to discover that something like this could happen in Wisconsin. Thankfully I know that I live in Illinois where I am absolutely certain that nothing like this could ever occur.
    How is Lisa Madigan doing by the way.

  3. Gloria Maloney: Your comments concerning your son and some local community organization have been deleted. This is not the place for such stuff.

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