Poll suggests that Democrats might regain control of House from increasingly unpopular Republicans


There’s BAD NEWS for Republicans in the latest survey from Public Policy Polling.

An excerpt:

PPP’s newest national poll finds that after a little more than 3 months in charge House Republicans have fallen so far out of favor with the American public that it’s entirely possible Democrats could take control of the House back next year.

Forty-three percent of voters think that House Republicans are doing a worse job now than the Democrats did, compared to only 36 percent who think the GOP has brought an improvement. Nineteen percent think things are about the same. Sixty-two percent of voters thinking that the Republicans have either made things worse or brought no improvement to an already unpopular Congress does not bode particularly well for the party.



  1. Neftali

    To win back the House Dems would need +49 seats. That’s not going to happen. In 2006 with Dems won 31 seats, in 2008 Dems won 21 seats. So they would have to repeat 4 years of turnover in just one election.

    Let’s face it, the economy is slowly recovering and jobs are slowly coming back. 2012 just will not be ripe for the kind of turnover required.

    That’s why the Wisconsin judicial race was so fascinating to watch. It was an early predictor of things to come. Even with all the endless shouting and marching from the left, they couldn’t even get the judge they wanted elected in a historically blue-leaning state.

    Republicans might lose a few seats, but I’m highly doubtful it will be more than 20.

  2. Memory Lane..

    “At a time when we’re fighting two wars that, (we’re fighting three now.), when millions of Americans can’t afford their medical bills or their tuition bills, when we’re paying more than $4 a gallon for gas…..”

    If this continues they are toast


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