Is Scott Walker planning financial martial law in Wisconsin?


According to THIS, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker “is said to be preparing a plan that would allow him to force local governments to submit to a financial stress test with an eye towards permitting the governor to take over municipalities that fail to meet with Walker’s approval.”

An excerpt:

According to the reports, should a locality’s financial position come up short, the Walker legislation would empower the governor to insert a financial manager of his choosing into local government with the ability to cancel union contracts, push aside duly elected local government officials and school board members and take control of Wisconsin cities and towns whenever he sees fit to do so.

Such a law would additionally give Walker unchallenged power to end municipal services of which he disapproves, including safety net assistance to those in need.



  1. Appearing on Wisconsin radio station WTMJ today, Governor Walker has denied the truth of this story.

    No truth to it whatsoever. Absolutely a bogus story.
    Absolutely false. The interesting part is that it’s false in both contexts. One: There’s nobody on my staff, nobody in my administration, I’m certainly not working anything remotely close to that. Secondly, it begins with the fact that he said the next Democratic assault. I’d like to know what the first one was.

  2. I did hear that Walker and the Koch brothers are building concentration camps deep in the woods of Northern Wisconsin where they are going to ship anyone who protests at the Capitol in the future.

    There they will be exposed to continual Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh broadcasts until they relent and agree with Herr Walker.

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