Shocker! Photo shows that Barack Obama has been a pirate since early childhood!


Joshua Green has A WORTHY TAKE on the photo above.

An excerpt:

This unassailable evidence of the president’s piratical upbringing is clear proof [argues Jonathan Chait] that from a very early age Obama “viewed commerce as something to be pillaged and looted. He views wealth in completely zero-sum terms, as something that can be accumulated only through force. No wonder he hates capitalism.”

Chait probably doesn’t realize this, but there is one man prepared to rescue us from this menace. And it is our great good fortune as a nation that he just happens to be seeking the Republican presidential nomination. (Or at least he’s been making an awful lot of noise about seeking it.) Before any liberals launch their scurrilous attacks on this person, let me make it clear to all that he laid out a strong position against piracy, in considerable detail, way back in February. In other words, long before this Obama photo came to light. In fact, he remains to this day the only Republican presidential candidate that I am aware of who has even bothered to lay out his policy on piracy…



  1. It’s the Marxist in college and thereafter that concerns me.

  2. Absolutly none of this……. negates the simple fact that this man is still a pretty crappy president.

  3. Ah, it’s always fun to hear from kaye.

    I’ll never forget the time she told us that the economy under George W. Bush “was the very best it had ever been.”

    Or the time she postured as a put-upon white person who doesn’t qualify for government entitlement programs because of her race.

    Keep up the good work, kaye.

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