Why are liberals so much better than conservatives at political satire?


Jonathan Chait ARGUES that “liberals utterly dominate the field of political satire.”

Says he: “The right dominates talk radio, and talk radio is a far more valuable communications tool, but the left seems to own political satire.”



  1. Neftali

    Depends on your point of view. I saw quite a few articles, including many from the left including CNN, that ran stories how Rush Limbaugh was praising Obama for talking out Bin Laden. Of course, they failed to realize that Rush was being completely satirical in his remarks.

    So in other words, the left fails to realize that Rush is being satirical in much the same way that many on the far right fail to realize that most of Colbert’s routine is satirical.

  2. Orlando Clay

    Neftali erroneously (and illogically) concludes: “So in other words, the left fails to realize that Rush is being satirical in much the same way that many on the far right fail to realize that most of Colbert’s routine is satirical.”

    Um, Nef, there’s one major difference you’re overlooking in your false equivalency: Colbert’s show has a laugh track. Think about that for a moment. Kinda speaks volumes about the ability of those on your side of the aisle who are unable to distinguish between reality and satire, doesn’t it? It’s like a student who somehow manages to fail a test even when he’s given the answers in advance. You know, like our ol’ buddy Snuss.

    Seriously, Neftali, aren’t you embarrassed to be a Con?

  3. The networks do not permit satire from the far left. Colbert and Stewart hurl harmless softball ridicule at soft power targets defining the range of permissible ridicule from the center to the far right somewhere between Diane Feinstein and Sarah Palin.

    But the radical far left is shut out. Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce are dead and Dick
    Gregory is 84 years old god bless him. Dick who?

    Liberals (center) and conservatives (far right) dominate political satire in the United States because radical satire from the far left is verbotten on corporate media networks.

    Colbert , Stewart and Bill Maher share a minder on their writing staffs who is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, Kevin Blyer. These three clowns and their handlers are part of the military entertainment state. They reinforce the illusion of choice and fake opposition politics with every punch they pull.

    Political satire that speaks ridicule to power should rip into the absurd lies promoted by both parties…. no matter which party pretends to be in power at any given time any satirist worth his salt should be mocking any politician in the pocket of bankers or war profiteers or the military entertainment state.

    If political satirists from the far left were allowed equal time to skewer liberal centrists as well as far right reactionaries we might then see blogs posts asking; Why does the far Left Dominate Political satire.

    Question : Why did Kevin Blyer censor these two jokes?

    “I like the way the Democrats abuse me
    more than I like the way the Republicans abuse me. ”

    “Building 7 Committed Suicide”

    ANSWER : Because viewers might get the joke.

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