Fox News poll: Obama approval rating jumps eight points in one month to two-year high


As I’ve implied here on previous occasions, I have a special fondness for political polls commissioned by Fox News.

My reasoning in that regard is two-fold. First, the polls sponsored by Fox usually are reliable in that they’re conducted by a reputable, independent team of professionals. And second, those polls often produce results that seem to discomfit the talking heads at Fox News Channel.

Consistent with that latter factor, a big jump in President Obama’s approval rating in a new Fox poll isn’t mentioned until the seventh paragraph in THIS REPORT on the Fox News Web site.

If the poll had shown an opposite trend — if Obama’s approval numbers had declined eight points in one month to a two-year low — the Fox News story about the poll would have headlined the president’s slippage with unbridled glee.

But this penchant for spinning the numbers to suit the network’s political bias hasn’t diminished my respect for the polls commissioned by Fox. To me, the survey results speak for themselves. And it’s actually all the more gratifying for me when the results indicate that the anti-Obama slant on Fox News is out of tune with the sentiments of the American public in general.


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