GOP bureaucrats in Wisconsin say judge’s claim that she’s not biased proves that she is biased


This is almost funny:

Lawyers for the Wisconsin Department of Justice, which is run by Republicans, sent a letter this week to Circuit Judge MaryAnn Sumi (above), arguing that she should have recused herself from a case involving a collective-bargaining law.

These lawyers based their reasoning in part on a brief Sumi filed earlier this month in which she denied any bias.

HERE‘s one interesting reaction to the letter:

University of Wisconsin Law School professor Howard Schweber said the Justice Department letter was “remarkable.”

“They really do have a line in there suggesting Judge Sumi’s claim that she is not biased shows she is biased,” Schweber said.

Schweber said the state now is arguing that, because she filed a legal brief, she was making a public statement on a case pending before her.

“That makes things a little sticky,” Schweber said. “It’s not clear filing a public brief is a public statement. Second, it’s not clear that because she took a position in contesting a writ, that that indicated how she would rule.”

Sumi RULED yesterday that the process by which the measure at issue was adopted violated the state’s open meetings law.


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