Jon Stewart more popular than Fox News


The Nielsen ratings for May are BAD NEWS for Fox News Channel.

An excerpt:

This is why Fox News both hates and fears Jon Stewart. Not only is he more popular than they are, but he devotes much of his program to exposing the biased reporting of FNC. Even worse, Stewart is teaching his younger audience what Fox News is all about. Stewart doesn’t exclusively take on Fox News. His problem is with television news in general, but since Fox is the biggest offender, they get most of his attention.

Jon Stewart is the biggest threat to Fox News’ future out there. He is literally teaching his audience, which is bigger than FNC’s, how to see through the partisan propaganda that Rupert Murdoch has based his network on. Stewart is educating an entire generation of viewers on how to watch cable news, or more specifically how not to watch Fox News.



  1. O’Reilly still gets big ratings…although perhaps that’s because he has Stewart on his show from time to time.

  2. swampy

    Yeah, fake news on CC!

  3. LD: It’s important to note that O’Reilly’s show (the first of two nightly airings) runs in prime time, while Stewart’s does not. The overall post-prime time audience is smaller, but it’s also younger. O’Reilly and the rest of the Fox gang are big among my fellow geezers, but not so much among younger adults, the crowd that appeals most to advertisers.

    No matter how you slice it, Stewart kicks butt.

  4. expdoc

    And he’s a comedian.

  5. Right you are, doc. Stewart is a comedian — and intentionally so. O’Reilly’s funny, too, but unwittingly so. That goes for the rest of the Fox gang as well, especially the three stooges on the morning show.

  6. expdoc

    Yet the scary thing is that many lefties glean much of their knowledge of politics and current affairs from said comedian.

  7. Milton Waddams

    What’s scary is that righties glean much of their knowledge of politics from newsmodels.

  8. Walnut

    In addition, O’Reilly is more popular than Comedy Central.
    I missed that point.

  9. Milton Waddams

    O’Reilly’s show is the only show on Fox News with higher ratings than The Daily Show. O’Reilly is about the only one over there I can tolerate, the rest are either too inane or biased.

  10. Walnut and Milton: As I noted above, the first airing of O’Reilly’s nightly show is in prime time, while the first airing of Stewart’s nightly show is not. That’s an important factor (if I might use that word).

  11. Walnut

    Well Stewart beats all of Fox (that was the headline), so using the same logic, O’Reilly beats all of CC.

  12. Walnutcase: The Nielsen ratings for the month of May show that Jon Stewart’s average audience was larger than the combined average for all of the prime-time and day-time shows on Fox News Channel.

    Moreover, Stewart’s audience is comprised mostly of viewers in the key age demographic of 18-49. Fox News, on the other hand, has the oldest audience in all of cable. The average Fox viewer is 65 years old. Most of those folks are in bed by the time Stewart comes on. (Sometimes I’m one of them.)

  13. Walnut

    Yea, so where is the rebuttal? The fact is O’Reilly beats all of CC using the same logic. His audience was larger the the combined average of CC.

    You ever heard of Tivo?

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