Chris Wallace of Fox News poses ridiculous question to Michele Bachmann


It should come as no surprise to regular readers of Applesauce that I consider Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann a first-class flake.

But if I were the host of a purportedly respectable Sunday morning political talk show on one of the major TV networks rather than an admittedly partisan blogger, I would not dare ask Bachmann to her face if she’s a flake. I would consider that beneath the acceptable decorum of such a program.

But that’s exactly what Chris Wallace of Fox News did yesterday morning when Bachmann guested on his show. “Are you a flake?” he ASKED.

What did he expect her to say? Yes, I’m as looney as they come?

Instead, Bachmann rightly said that she found the question “insulting.”

Wallace later apologized for his stupid question, but so what?

As is suggested HERE, perhaps Wallace was trying to prove that he’s innocent of political satirist Jon Stewart’s argument that Fox News tilts to the right. If so, it was a clumsy effort.

POSTSCRIPT: Incidentally, lest you doubt that Bachmann is indeed a flake, check through THIS STUFF.


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