Yes, we can all stipulate that Michele Bachmann is a serious person — but that’s the problem


In responding to the stupid question from Chris Wallace the other day as to whether she’s a “flake” (HERE), Michele Bachmann averred that she’s a “serious person.”

Indeed, supporters and detractors alike have attributed seriousness to Bachmann for many months now. Sometimes the context has been that she’s considerably more serious than the relatively flighty and narcissistic Sarah Palin.

Personally, I don’t doubt for a minute that Bachmann is serious and sincere in her political beliefs — much more so than Palin, who hasn’t done enough homework to develop a steadfast political philosophy.

But Bachmann’s seriousness is exactly why she’s never going to become president. Her misconceptions of American history and misreadings of the Constitution, her homophobia, McCarthyism, theocratic bent, creationism and countless wacky statements on almost any subject you could name (see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE) inevitably will be the undoing of her presidential candidacy.

I’m not saying that Bachmann can’t win the Republican nomination. I hope she does, although I think she’s a long shot at best. But the seriousness with which she embraces so many foolish notions is  precisely why most Americans will not want her in the White House.


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