Karl Rove says he expects Obama’s re-election effort will include lots of mudslinging


Karl Rove, the most overrated political guru of our time, is direly warning Republicans that Barack Obama will resort to mudslinging in the coming presidential campaign.

Is this guy serious?

Is he talking about the same Barack Obama whose political base is often impatient with his reluctance to fight back against the calumny aimed at him by Republicans?

Is he talking about the same Barack Obama who’s better known for playing patty-cake with his political rivals than for counterpunching?

Or could it be that Rove actually fears that Obama will finally decide, with justification, that it’s payback time for all the garbage that’s been thrown at him? After all, Republican right-wingers have questioned Obama’s patriotism, his parentage and his American roots. They have slurred his family, lied about his religion, and resorted to almost every kind of disgusting disparagement imaginable.

Perhaps Rove has belatedly come to the recognition that Obamaphobia is much worse than what folks on his side used to call Bush Derangement Syndrome. Perhaps he’s afraid that such provocation is irresistible and will spawn a counter-volley in the coming campaign.

On the other hand, I might be completely wrong about Rove in this regard. I might be crediting him with much more political acuity than he merits. Yeah, that must be it. Isn’t this the same so-called political genius whose efforts on behalf of George W. Bush failed to stave off the lowest approval ratings for any president since Richard Nixon?

Then, too, in his warning about Obama’s inevitable mudslinging next year, Rove says Republicans should avoid responding in kind, as we see HERE.

Avoid responding? Come on! If Karl Rove actually thinks that Republicans can refrain from slinging mud, he knows even less about politics than I had suspected.



  1. Isn’t that Republican double speak (and Karl’s style) for expect us to begin the mudslinging, but claim the other started it?

  2. MIA: You got it.

  3. Of course the african born muslim socialist antichrist terrorist lover is going to sling mud. Has there ever been an african born muslim socialist antichrist terrorist lover who didn’t?

    I’m guessing Obama has a whole bunch of juicy stuff just waiting to be used. My advice would be to hold onto it. Play it clean. He won’t need it. Let the republicans start talking their trash and watch their approval rating plunge.

  4. joe: You left out of one Obama’s negative traits: He likes to golf.

    That just drives the wingnuts crazy. They think he golfs too much. They think the country wouldn’t be in nearly as much trouble if Obama didn’t golf so much. Some of them probably think it’s grounds for impeachment.

    And they also don’t like it that he was a community organizer. Every wacko Obamaphobe out there is quick to remind us that he was a community organizer.

    Oh, the shame of it all!

  5. Dan F.

    “After all, Republican right-wingers have … resorted to almost every kind of disgusting disparagement imaginable.”

    I am sitting in a Starbuck’s, and I almost blew my coffee out over my laptop keyboard in laughter when I read this.

    I live in San Francisco, the great liberal empire on the Pacific. When Bush was president, I remember walking home and seeing stores with anti-Bush merchandise in their window, such as toilet paper with Bush’s face on each sheet. I can’t tell you the other things I saw, because it’s too obscene.

    Disgusting disparagement? Try reading the Daily Kos and the comments that readers leave about the GOP. Once again, I can’t even quote it because it’s so filthy.

    “Disgusting disparagement,” indeed. You need to get a clue, pal. Both sides do it, and from my perspective the liberals are worse.

  6. Dan F., try comparing apples to apples… There is no political hit man like Karl Rove in the Democratic Party…. if there is name him/her?

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