Fox News pundit says Palin and Bachmann learned American history at “Fleabag U”


Conservative commentator Liz Trotta SAID yesterday on Fox News Channel that the lumping of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in the popular mind is “almost preordained because it seems to be they both took the same American history course, and it may have been at Fleabag U.”

“As far as [historical] flubs go,” Palin and Bachmann “are leading the field,” Trotta argued.



  1. Dan F.

    If you’re counting flubs, don’t forget the Democrats.

    Obama recently said, “What I have done — and this is unprecedented, by the way; no administration has done this before — is I’ve said to each agency, ‘Don’t just look at current regulations or don’t just look at future regulations, regulations that we’re proposing. Let’s go backwards and look at regulations that are already on the books and if they don’t make sense, let’s get rid of them.'”

    Totally false. Politifact rated this as “Pants On Fire” false, the worst possible score.

    According to Politifact, one liberal economist has called Obama’s statement a “nonsense claim.”

    I know, I know. Democrats say nutty things when they’re exhausted from hard work, and only Republicans lie and flub.

  2. shawnnews

    Dan F. is correct.
    It’s Obama’s own stupid fault if he believes that in the internet up-to-the-second news cycle we live in that he wouldn’t get caught. He should at least skim the stuff his speechwriter gives him or have someone check the ones he writes.
    Still, I think Pat is continuing on the week long topic started by Chris Wallace when he asked Michele Bachmann if she was a flake last Sunday.
    Good for both news organizations though. Politifact calls out Obama. I routinely cite them correcting what I think are conservative errors. FOX news goes after Bachmann and Palin.
    However, this also shows that conservative women can attack other conservative women with just as much venom as they attack Obama. Fleabag U? Chris Wallace asking Bachmann if she was a flake is nothing compared to that.

  3. Yes, PolitiFact has flagged Obama’s misstatement that his administration’s review of regulations is unprecedented. But the fact remains that such a review has been undertaken.

    Moreover, a check of Politifact files overall shows that Obama has fared much better than Palin and Bachmann (the subjects of this post to begin with).

    You can check ’em out here:




    And you might also enjoy these files from Snopes and About.com mostly concerning right-wing allegations against Obama:



    I’m sure some of the stuff in those files includes nonsense that Dan F. has peddled from time to time.

  4. Mike Carroll

    William and Mary is hardly Fleabag U.

  5. Mike Carroll: Tell it to the right-wing lady on Fox News Channel.

    Besides, I doubt that Bachmann studied American history at William and Mary. She went there for an advanced law degree after attending Oral Roberts U. It’s more likely that she studied history at Abbott and Costello college. Wherever it was, she seems not have learned much that’s actually true.

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