So-called union thugs acquitted in St. Louis case as so-called victim’s story falls apart


When Kenneth Gladney (above) was allegedly attacked by a couple of members of the Service Employees International Union outside a town hall forum in St. Louis two years ago this month, several of our Applesauce commenters waxed greatly indignant about the incident and immediately assumed that the accused were guilty.

Indeed, the case became a cause celebre all across the right-wing blogosphere. The fact that the purported victim was an African-American Tea Partier made the incident all the more appealing to wingnuts.

Naturally, focus on the Gladney case has faded over the past 24 months as other events have taken their turns on center stage. But now the story is back in the headlines in the wake of a jury verdict in the trial of Gladney’s so-called assailants.

Read all about it HERE and HERE. 

For right-wing accounts of the verdict, check HERE and HERE (where the acquitted defendants are still called “thugs” in the headline).


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